How To Get (Install) Filelinked On Firestick & Fire TV?


This particular tutorial will guide you regarding what is the best way to install filelinked on Firestick and also Fire TV.

Previously, this FileLinked was known to be droidadmin. So, on your particular device, it is specifically used to install APK’s.

With the help of filelinked, you will have access to a number of such applications that are unavailable with the Amazon App Store.

Proper use of the filelinked will mainly enable you to install multiple apps all at once.

With the help of specific filelinked codes for thousands of apk’s, the installation of streaming apps and lot more onto your Fire TV or Firestick will be easier.

The filelinked must be essentially side-loaded on your particular Fire TV device as it has been removed from the App Store of Amazon.

As a result, for doing this, it requires the installation of the application Downloader that will enable to get filelinked and also install it with much ease. It can also be said that this specific link is required to get

So, all that you need is to essentially follow the step by step instructions that are given below regarding how to install filelinked on Fire TV and also Firestick.

Important Tip: For the purpose of protecting your security and also identity, you should always make use of a VPN. This applies at the time of streaming free TV shows as well as movies with specific apps like this.

Legal Copyright Disclaimer: This particular technology shall only be used for the purpose of streaming TV shows and also movies that which under the public domain. TechbyLWS does not promote or endorse illegal activity which is mainly tied to downloading or streaming copyrighted works. For accessing the media through an app or service, the end-user shall be solely responsible which is again referenced on this Website. TechbyLWS is not responsible for hosting addons or referenced applications and this particular guide is only for educational purposes.

How to Install FileLinked on Firestick & Fire TV ?

First of all, you need to hover over Settings by scrolling from the Main Menu.


After that, click My Fire TV or Device.


Then, choose the Developer Options.

install-showbox option

Next, click Apps from Unknown Sources.

Unknown Sources

After that, choose Turn On.

turn on

Then, hover over the Search icon after returning to the home screen.

Also, type in Downloader and then, click “Downloader” that appears toward the bottom in a particular list.

After that, select the particular Downloader app.

Downloader app

Next, click on the Download option.

Download option

Then, click Open.

click Open

Just after that, click Allow.

Click OK.

Type the following URL: in the address bar and then, click Go.

Click Install.

click install

After that, click Done.

Also, this will specifically return you to the Downloader option. Then, click on the delete option for the purpose of removing the particular file.

removing the particular file

Again, click Delete.

Next, return to Fire TV home screen and then, under Your Apps & Games, scroll to the right, after that, click on See All option.

To hover over FileLinked, you need to scroll to the bottom and the, click Options i.e. 3 horizontal lines.

Finally, click Move to front option.

Move to front option

Now, the installation is completed.

So, you can easily find the FileLinked on the home screen of your device for easy access.

Caution – Your Streaming Activity is Being Logged

TechbyLWS does not generally verify the security or legality of any particular services or applications that are covered in this particular Website.

With the help of your visible IP Address, your ISP or Internet Service provider, government, app developers, as well as hackers can log your entire online activity.

In this regard, the good news is that a quality VON will specifically prevent this from happening.

Your connection to the internet will mainly be encrypted by a VPN. Apart from that, it will also mask your IP address as a result; while online, you will specifically remain 100% anonymous.

In this regard, it is specifically recommended to use IPVanish VPN because of its zero-log policy and also blazing fast speeds.

FileLinked (Droidadmin) Details & Description

You will get to see the simple main screen which it provides once the Filelinked has been opened and installed. So, in just one easy installation, your preferred app or apps will be downloaded. In this regard, you also need to enter a specific code number.

The specific ability to create your own code for your favorite applications is considered to be one of the best features provided by FileLinked. To do so, you simply need to register for a free FileLinked Account at and thereby follow the important steps to create codes for many different apps.

FileLinked is also known to be the perfect app for those who specifically want to get the most out of their Fire TV device. For this particular reason, it is generally listed as one of the best apps for Fire TV and also Firestick.

How To Use FileLinked?

It is always suggested to remove ads within the main menu of the app prior to using FileLinked. This can be done easily by using the below-mentioned steps:

  1. First of all, you need to open FileLinked and then click the Settings Gear Icon.
  2. After that, click the toggle to turn off “Show Hints and Useful Information”.
  3. Then, click Apply.
  4. Now, you will see your new Main Menu without any tips or ads.

You also need to simply enter the Code of any preferred APK which you are looking for and also install for the purpose of downloading apps or files.

IMPORTANT TIPS: It is again essential to specifically install a VPN for Fire TV Cube, Fire TV and also Firestick. This applies in case you would generally like to add more apps that are constrained to the Amazon App Store.

Legal Notice: Both the add-ons as well as streaming apps that are mainly covered in the TechbyLWS website may include the copyrighted content. Only, the users should make use of this particular technology for the purpose of accessing media which falls under the Public Domain status. Apart from that, it is also not protected by copyright.

Final Words

So, it is evident that these are the most important steps with the help of which you can easily install Filelinkedor how to download filelinked apk or droidadmin apk on Fire TV and also Firestick.

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