How to Crack or Open Protected Excel Files with Password Remover Online?

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Have you ever come across a password – protected excel file that you don’t know to how to get into? It can be really frustrating, right? The worst part is that you might have to look at an urgent or some important file – and the darned thing will not open with any of the passwords you try.

People protect their private and important data using a password. This protection method is used in workplaces where data analysis and storage is done to protect their secret records. But if you are in a critical situation and forgot excel password, how will you be able to tackle that?

If this is a case you never want to be in, then you must be prepared. But, how? People don’t write their passwords down. In fact, that is one of the most crucial things you can do with it for a substantial record. Don’t write down your passwords!

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How To Unlock A Password Protected Excel File?

Firstly, you can use a password manager, but most of them are very expensive. Second, you could save your excel spreadsheets in a local drive or a protected folder. But again, you will have to protect that with the password, which also creates the same problem in a different way. So if you forgot excel password, then you must try these methods we have suggested below to unlock excel file password protected.

Method 1- How To Crack Excel Password ?

Excel password remover online service is a huge benefit after cloud computing become a vital player in your lives. It uses allotted virtual machines to crack excel password for various files, including Excel, RAR, Word, and Zip. The core idea behind this technique is brute – force, which is not very effective as a mask attacking algorithm (Explained below). But, it is not a bad idea to give it a try.

Step 1 –  Search for an excel password breaker online

Step 2 – Upload it to unlock excel file password protected to the website’s backend server. Also read the page carefully as a new version in excel might not be supported something (Like Excel 2016).

Step 3 –  Add your basic details like email and wait for the result. Once the password is found, you might be asked to pay a few dollars to get the file as well as the password. But, there are a few scamming websites that you might ask you for the payment, but give you a fake password after paying.

It is very easy for the right password with excel password remover service. But you must be warned that they might also have a copy of your file on their server. So, if the file includes the sensitive data, then you will have to think twice before getting into the deal.

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Method 2How to Unprotect Excel Sheet without Password Free

Don’t break your head. All you really need is an effective, simple and easy to use tool that can open your excel file that is password – protected in a jiffy.  There are many excel password remover online. Do check for the genuine one. It can handle not just excel sheets that are password protected. But all of Microsoft’s Office software and other types of files.

How To Download Excel File Password Remover?

Step 1 – Download the software and Install

You will have to download the software, install and launch it and click on the option that says “crack excel password”. You will see an option on the left “Quick Start” on the main pane. This applies mostly to all software.

Step 2 – Importing the Files

Once you are set on the page, click “Open” on the right corner of the excel file you wish to get into. This will open your explorer, where you will have to choose the file you want to open. Now click again “Open” but this time you will be asked to do it on the Popup.

Step 3 – Select a Recovery Method

Once you have uploaded the file, its time to choose a recovery method. Brute Force is one of the most commonly used methods, but you could also try Smart Attack if you want it to be faster. Mask Attack is for when you can have some idea about the password characters like length, special characters used etc.

Step 4 – Start Recover the File

After all these steps have done clearly, now click the start button to get the password protected file which is to be readily available to you in a short time period depending on its complexity. Lastly, you will be given choice on how to open the file whether directly or copying.

You might think that you can use some sorts of freeware tools that you see on the web, but there is something you have to consider. Freeware tools are not always free and they might have some hidden costs and the developers are not bound to the users in any way. If there is something wrong or it does not work simply, they are not responsible in any way.  What’s more, as they are giving it for free, you will never get regular security updates, features and other critical matters.

For that reason, most of these free excel password remover is outdated. Instead of taking that probability, why not spend a few bucks to get that works hundred percent accurate and is supported by the whole team of developers.


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