Everything About Flashtalking

Haven’t heard about flashtalking anytime before? If that’s the case, then it’s nothing but a suite of tools packed with many features. So, before you scroll ahead you should know that Flashtalking focuses on three things, ‘Create’, ‘Activate’ and ‘Measure’.

What is Flashtalking?

With an objective to offer support to online advertisers, Flashtalking implements creative ideas and designs easy to use tools. These can be introduced seamlessly into the workflow for enhancing the experience across desktops, and mobile phones. Without any hassles or constraints, people can avail the freedom to work along with an interface based on the code. So here are some reasons why it’s easy to use Flashtalking.

Responsive Experience

While users explore and work with the interface, ads respond according to the dimensions of the screen. This ensures the same level of experience as it’s on desktops or any other device or system. The team of developers has strived to impress everyone no matter what they might be using.

No Coding Expertise Required

With the help of user-friendly features, anyone who doesn’t know the scripting language can build as well as publish ads. Apart from engaging templates, the Ad builder boasts components which can be dragged and dropped easily. The individual can always make the ad stand out with the timeline animation.

Helps to Work Anywhere

Regardless of what you might be using, a desktop, mobile phone or a tablet, the users can always build HTML5 ads. The experience is amazing even if the ad appears on a browser which is rarely used. Once the ad is developed, the person doesn’t have to tweet or make further alternations.

Easy Management

Once the user succeeds in delivering a relevant visual experience, the versions can be managed from a centralized location. An ad can be cloned for the purpose of running programmatic creative campaigns. With no changes or paying for production costs, the ads can be updated online within a few minutes.

Easy Management

Personalized Videos

As per the user context and interests, individuals can always roll out different versions of personalized videos. A single source file enables the person to produce multiple videos and includes elements pertaining to texts, maps, images and many more.

Helps for Better Ad Decision Making

With the help of the decision tree, it’s easier to create several layers without the care of writing complex codes. Once the direct marketing strategies are built, the client can gain insights through an interactive preview of logic. In fact, he can get an idea of what goes behind the scenes once the campaign is set up.

Helps for Better Ad Decision Making

DMP Data Activation

Leveraging and organizing data is a breeze with DMPs. With relevant and creative messages, the users can always create an impact on every device and empower to hone audience segments.

Finally, algorithmic creative analysis aids to gauge the effectiveness of campaigns. Reports can also be generated to know what’s working for the business. In turn, Flashtalking helps in optimizing things when future campaigns are planned. The viewability solutions just make it sure that the investment is done in the right manner. Ultimately, time is saved with analytics.

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