Enticing iPhone Features Ready to Knock in September

Enticing iPhone Features Ready to Knock in September

Apple has launched a new software update every summer and this year its no exception. As anticipated, at the World Wide Developers Conference 2019, the company took the wrap off for the new launch which is the iOS 13. The VP of Apple explained it as a big launch for iOS. He said that it will bring a lot of updates to the company’s mobile OS, including the dark mode.

Lets Look at the Top Features that Might Come in This Year.

Dark Mode

A new feature that has the most clear visual change made to iOS since the 7 version, is the inclusion of a real, system wide dark mode. Its super black and all of the company’s 1st party apps are braced. Even the dock and the notifications get these new dark tones.

It is also said that the 3rd party apps will also support the new look, so keep your fingers crossed to ditch the light backgrounds for your favorite apps.

Find My

Find My Friends and Find My iPhone applications
Find My iPhone application

The company has combined its Find My Friends and Find My iPhone applications into one single application which is known as Find My. You can find all the tracking tools under one roof, so you check both the devices that are missed and your peers using the same interface. The new application can also locate offline devices – by sending a Bluetooth beacon that is really secure to other Apple device, then relaying it back to device and to you.

Its also end – to – end encrypted.

Swiping Keyboards

The company is updating a default keyboard with a new swiping feature which includes Swiftkey, Gboard, Swupe and others. Apple will be calling this as “Quick Path” keyboard. Its not a huge new feature, but it’s new to Apple and also great.


Reminder App

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