Most of us prefer to download the app only from its respective official store. But there are quite a few users who prefer to try new application especially the free apps. For such users, there are tons of 3rd party app stores which provides top apps and other utilities. But I never found a good alternative to Emus4u especially for iPhone and iPad users, basically iOS users. The best thing about this Emus4u app store is that you don’t have to jailbreak (Android equivalent of root).

If you are an Android user, then you might have encountered tons of 3rd party app stores, but, this is not usually the case on the other side of the ally for iPhone and iPad users.

There is some application which requires jailbreaking and yes, no will accept to take that headache as you might have paid a huge sum of money for the device itself. So, this third-party app called Emus4u is just for those kinds of users and it works perfectly. It’s super easy to install and easy to use as well, one major benefit of Emus4u is that its user – friendly.

Features of Emus4u

  • The app is available for both Android as well as iOS. You can use it for tabs and smartphones
  • It is highly easy to Emus4u download and install
  • You don’t have to root your Android or jailbreak your iOS device to download Emus4u
  • Customizable and user – friendly interface
  • Includes tons of apps and games
  • Applications which are not available on iOS or Android are available on Emus4u

How To Install Emus4u On Android Devices?

  • Go to > security settings > allow unknown sources
     allow unknown sources
  • Now click here and download the app
  • After downloading is done, install it like doing other apps
  • Now open an app and start downloading anything of your choice

How To Download For ios Users?

  • You will have to visit the official web page here
  • Once done, click > install the app to your device, button
  • Then click > allow to grant permission if prompted
  • Now click > install
  • Also, you will have to type the passcode to begin the installation processpasscode to begin the installation process
  • Once done, click > install which is on the top right corner
    esm4u done
  • Now the app is successfully installed on your iOS device.
    welcome screen

How To Use The App For ios Users

  • Click the icon
  • Click the option > check out the apps
  • Select the category
  • In the search bar type of a specific app or just browse through
  • Now click > Download to install the app on your iOS device.

Error Details

If you get an untrusted developer error, follow these simple steps suggested below;

  • Click Settings > General and > profile
  • Search for the app Emus4U
  • Click > Trust and > close the settings

Doing this way you will never get the error again.

Can the App Void the Warranty?

As this app is totally legal, it will never void your warranty. As this app does not do anything against the security that is built – in the device (iOS). Its highly safe and what may affect the warranty are some of the tweaks.

Hope this tutorial will guide you to download the Emus4U app easily to your Android and iOS device. If there is an error when downloading the app on an iOS device other than the errors mentioned above, then you will have contact the Apple support team for guidance.