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How to Fix “Plugged in Not Charging” for Dell Laptop?

Dell Laptop Plugged in not Charging

Numerous Dell users have discovered that their laptop plugged in not charging many times.

You may also notice that the battery indicator on the laptop doesn’t recognize the charging even after if it connected to a charger.

You may find this issue irritating as it makes your Dell laptop unusable without an AC connector.

Try not to stress.

Here are a couple of tips you can try to fix Dell laptop plugged in not charging issue.

Try one by one and see what works for you.

Option 1 – Recombine Your AC Adapter and your Battery

Well this is one of the simplest option in the list where you just need to reconnect your adapter and the laptop battery.

How to Connect AC Adapter and Laptop Battery?

Here are the steps you need to follow –

1) Turn off your Dell laptop

2) Unplug the AC adapter and the battery

3) Now press and hold the power button of your laptop for 20 secs to discharge the remaining energy in your laptop.

4) Now connect the battery and the adapter again to your laptop.

5) Switch on your Laptop to see if the method worked or not and if the battery can be charged now.

Now, plugged in not charging issue should be fixed for your dell laptop. If not, then move on to the next trick below.

Option 2 – Connect Your Laptop to a Wall Socket

It is possible that your dell laptop plugged in but not charging because you are utilizing a surge protector.

It can influence the usefulness of the connector.

So, start by turning off your PC and interfacing the AC connector straightforwardly to a divider attachment.

After doing that start your PC again and check whether the problem resolves.

If not, then you can try below way out to fix the charging issue.

Option 3 – Go for a Different AC Adapter

Well it can be possible that the adapter you are using is defective.

You can test your PC battery with another AC adapter and check whether it can charge your battery.

On the off chance that the new AC connector works for you, you ought to have the first one replaced.

Option 4 – Install the Battery Driver Again

The issue can likewise happen if you are utilizing an inappropriate battery driver.

You can reinstall the driver and check whether this fixes your concern.

To reinstall your battery driver, you can use Device Manager of your operating system.

Make sure that your Dell laptop is connected to the Internet, and afterward find and uninstall the battery driver in Device Manager.

After that restart, your PC and the driver will be automatically reinstalled.

You can likewise uninstall your battery driver effectively utilizing Driver Easy.

Driver Easy can assist you with dealing with the drivers on your PC. You can utilize it to refresh the drivers that are obsolete or wrong.

It will naturally discover you the right drivers that are appropriate for your working framework.

You do not have to hazard downloading an off-base driver or committing an error when introducing.

How to Uninstall Battery Driver Using Driver Easy?

Below are the steps you need to follow –

1) First open Driver Easy

2) Next select Tools option

3) Here select Driver Uninstall option

4) Now double click on System Drivers and then click on Batteries option

5) Next click on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery

6) Now select uninstall and the battery driver will be uninstalled instantly

7) After the process is completed, simple close Drive Easy and restart your computer

Check if this method worked for you or not.

Option 5 – Update BIOS

BIOS (Basic Input/output System) is the program that deals with the association between the working framework and the PC equipment gadgets.

Sometimes faulty BIOS settings can bring about the dell laptop plugged in not charging issue.

You can refresh your BIOS to fix the flawed settings.

To refresh the BIOS, go to the Dell official site and discover the help page of your PC.

At that point download the most recent BIOS then refresh and install it on your PC.

 Note: Be extra cautious about updating the BIOS and consistently back up your information before doing it. If you commit an error, or a mistake happens, your laptop may get unusable and you may lose data. 

Option 6 – Connect with Dell Support

If you have attempted all the strategies above you despite everything still getting the same message of laptop plugged in not charging then it is suggested that you approach Dell for more assistance.

Get in touch with them and let the help group from Dell assist you with fixing the issue.

On the off chance that your PC is still under guarantee, you can have the laptop, or the battery replaced or fixed.


So, the above article will guide you on how to fix “Plugged in Not Charging” for Dell Laptop.

Simply go through all the 6 methods and find the one that suits you.

This issue is not new and has been going on with Dell Laptops from a very long time, so I’m sure you will definitely find the solution to your problem.


Written by Nyk Patel

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