Honestly, it is not that easy to find a way to delete Turbo Tax account, especially because there is no much information regarding “how to delete Turbo Tax account” on their website.  Don’t panic we have found the answer and share you to make your task easier.

What is Turbo Tax?

Turbo Tax is an online American tax preparation, an application that guides users to calculate and pay government tax. You can actually create or edit account details, upload image, calculate your ITR (income tax return, take shots of your W2 taxes and calculate your tax refunds.

If you want to delete Turbo Tax account just because you get loads of mail or newsletter you can either mark the mail as spam or unsubscribe the mail by clicking the link that you get when they send you an email at the bottom. If your reasons are other then read below to know more on how to delete Turbo Tax account from their official website.

Pros and Cons Of Using a Turbo Tax Account

The advantages of using a Turbo Tax account are

  • Cheaper than filing your tax with a professional like Tax accountant, EA or CPA
  • Time Saver
  • User-friendly

Disadvantages Of Turbo Tax

  • Improper software
  • You must know completely how to use the software
  • Possibilities of missing deductions
  • Need to conduct your own tax research for not familiar questions and answers

How To Delete Turbo Tax Account

There  are three methods currently on how to delete your Turbo Tax account which is;

By Calling an Agent

You can delete your Turbo Tax by calling one other agent. You might be asked to share your verification identity. Their agents will track your details linked to an account you have filed and a request will be submitted to have it closed.

You can also visit https://support.turbotax.intuit.com/contact/#/call this link and enter;

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Answering questions ( e.g. why you want to delete the account)

Click Get phone number when it is done

Sending an E- Mail

  • Open your mail account. Remember the account should be registered
  • Send an email to [email protected] with a subject “Request to delete my account”
  • Now write the body why you want to delete the account and send.

Deleting Turbo Tax Account Manually

This method is cleaning all the details you have entered on your account manually like as your basic information and financial details

  • Sign in to your Turbo Tax account
  • Click “Take me to return” then click “My Account” at the top
  • Then choose “Select and start over” and click “Yes”
  • Now delete the account and your information will be cleared

Note – If you have been using Turbo Tax with a third – party login like as Twitter or Facebook, make sure you revoke all access.


Hope that now you know how to delete your Turbo Tax account, you can always contact their customer support, if you still any issue.