How to Delete IMVU Account (Follow These Simple Steps)?

delete imvu account

This simple step – by – step will help you on how to delete or disable IMVU account

IMVU is a 3D instant messaging based in a virtual world. It’s actually a social networking site with features like personalized profiles, blogs, etc. As opposed to the traditional chat programs, IMVU enables the users to customize their profiles.  The meetings between users have held n 3D environments which can also be preferred by the users.

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Signing up for IMVU

To enter the world of IMVU, you will have to create your profile first which includes the skin tone, hair, clothing of your choice. Next, you will be instructed with a brief tutorial which informs you about the means to express your feeling in the game. This feature attracts many users, especially teenagers. There is a wide range of moods to pick from. Also, there are loads of cool things on creating the avatar.

The Pros and Cons Of IMVU

It’s quite easy to see that IMVU is one the most used chatting service,

Pros of IMVU

  • Great virtual avatars
  • A change to meet people worldwide
  • All are easy to customize
  • Avatars with privacy
  • IMing with a twist
  • Free of cost to use

Cons of IMVU

  • There are overpriced items
  • Need to pay for special items such as AP passes, Name change and VIP membership
  • Crashes a lot

How To Delete Your IMVU Account?

Looking for ways to delete your IMVU account?  Its super quick and easy to do it, all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Log in to your IMVU account with your registered username and password
  • Click this link
  • Follow the steps explained
  • Enter your current password on the “Delete Account” page.
  • Click ‘continue’ to proceed
  • You will see a success page when your account has been deactivated. You will also receive a mail regarding this.
  • Click ‘back to store’ If you wish to go to the catalog page.

Now uninstall the IMVU app from your computer’s control panel. These are the steps to follow to delete IMVU account.

Making Money With IMVU

The users spend the credit and in turn real cash on different nifty virtual items, must know that the opposite is also real- members can make money by selling different 3D designs and earn credits. It’s a great opportunity for people with graphic design skills to get some extra income.

You might be wondering how credits of IMVU translates into making money. The thing is IMVU allows credits to real cash. There are a number of different third-party services that both buy credits and sell. If you have plenty of credits, you can sell them to a merchant for real money in your PayPal account.


Thus, IMVU establishes a virtual world with deep social networking opportunities. The graphics and other technical details are excellent which only add to the thematic excellence.


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