CRC SHA: How To Remove It From Windows 10/7/8


This section helps in understanding what is CRC SHA and how to remove CRC SHA from the context menu from the Windows 10/7/8.

What is CRC SHA?

Recently, a couple of the new features are preferably added to the widely used file compression software by the new 7 zip and also its new version. This effecting means that its support for the RAR5 format. Along with that, you must have noted down while making an entry of the CRC-SHA and also what exactly the CRC SHA is.

So, nowadays, you will preferably see several entries like SHA-256 and SHA-1 or CRC-64 or CRC-32, etc. These particular entries specifically come with the installation of 7-zip which is considered to be the latest version that is available for the operating system of the Windows 10/7/8.

All that you need is to find out what exactly the CRC SHA is and also how to remove the CRC SHA on the Windows.

What Is CRC?

First of all, you need to know what is the CRC and so, it means that the CRC usually stands for the Cyclic Redundancy Check. As a result, it always lets you use the digital networks or effectively detects the coincidental which is created in the data,

What Is SHA?

SHA generally means the “Secure Hash Algorithm”. It was mainly developed by the National security Agency in 2010. So, the main reason for this is to preferably search out the integrity of data.

Often, the SHA is used for the purpose of checking the integrity of data which are downloaded from the web. In this regard, it is very important to make sure that the downloaded data neither is nor corrupted in the transmission or due to other issues.

In Windows operating system, there are plenty of tools out there which are used for the calculation of SHA and also CRC. Along with that, the previous versions of 7-Zip also supported calculating CRC SHA, but this particular process was not considered to be very straight forward.

In case you are looking for the How To Remove the CRC SHA from the context menu in the Windows 10/7/8, then, there are several numbers of tools which are being used for the purpose of calculating the certain value of Secure Hash Algorithm and also Cyclic Redundancy Check in your computer.

So, it effectively calculates the latest stable version of the 7-zip along with the previous versions.

How To Remove CRC SHA from The Context Menu?

First of all, you should try to remove the CRC SHA entry from the right-click menu in any version of the Windows by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1

First step is to open 7-zip File Manager on your computer PC i.e. on the search box “Zip file Manager”.

zip file manager


Step 2

Once, the 7-Zip window is launched, you need to navigate to the navigational menu bar to the click Tools menu. Along with that, you need to click the Options to open the same.

7-Zip window


Step 3

Finally, you need to tap the 7-Zip tab. Also, you should uncheck the checkbox labeled in the menu items section. After that, in order to get rid of the CRC SHA from the context menu, you need to click the Apply button.

That’s it.

7zip tab

Final Words

So, now, it is very much easy to Remove the CRC SHA from the Context menu in the Windows 10/7/8. For any queries, you need to mention it in the below comment section.

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