What is Cord Cutting and Why It is in Trend?

Cord Cutting

Cutting the cord and getting rid of cable is becoming a commonplace. Economic downturns, poor cable customer service, rising cable charges has driven many to reconsider paying the exorbitant charges needed to keep cable service on. If you want to know what is cord cutting and how to start using it, the following guide will help you choose the options.

Find Out The Reasons For Becoming A Cord Cutter

People usually stop using the cable for one or two vital disadvantages; the budget and the lifestyle changes. The budget conscious might become so weary when they get the bill and it continues to increase and the service offering be the same. Those who prefer to change their lifestyle might cut the cord to experience travel, reducing their kids’ screen time or just to find out how technology works. You must find out one solid reason for cutting the cord, as it analyzes how you approach the options available on the market.

What Are The Options Available For Getting Programming?

The modern cord cutter has a lot to access when it comes to programming options as there are loads of delivery options available. The type of TV set you have – digital or analog – will matter a lot when it comes to determining the type of equipment you buy.  Remember that you can get TV programming access by fixing a very small hardware. Also, you might need a high speed web connection to enjoy a wider range of services. This might need that you start your internet service with your cable operator; cable tends to provide the highest speeds.

Get Programming With An Analog/HD TV And Antenna

If you are willing to get just a few of your favorite channels, like as the local programming, then you can buy an HD antenna. The digi- antenna converts the Digi signals used by media network to analog signals that you can use to your analog TV. If you are using a high definition TV, you can buy an HD antenna to start getting your local channels. This set- up will offer you local, digital channels, some movie channels also some channels that offer older programming like as older dramas and sitcoms.

Get Programming With Your Web Or Internet Connection And Other Devices

Many people use the web connection to check programming with a help of an Internet browser or other device. Various companies like as Hulu, Netflix, etc for instance are offering streaming services. For instance, Netflix provides a long library of movies and TV shows that you can stream using your Smartphone, PC or also iPad. You can also subscribe to one of such services which costs you a bit more than other options available.

In order to enjoy TV shows and movies on your TV, you will need an internet ready  device or a television, like as a gaming console that strives with the internet connection or Wi-Fi.

Finding The Right Cord Cutting Tools Available

Finding out which cord cutting option suits you is not an easy task, with loads of streaming video service available to pick from. Even if you have already have one, then making use of this might be tricky as well. With each app we have listed below offers its own features and menu options.




When people ask you how to watch individual channels without cable, we suggest them the first option available is the Streamable. This allows you to enter all the cable channels and TV shows you wish to enjoy and it them segments out the entire list of services that is compatible with your live TV. You are also allowed to use a zip code to check local channels and other coverage. You can then use the service from the menu screenshot.

Fitzy TV


Fitzy TV

Fitzy TV

This is another service that offers live TV channels you are willing to pay for. Whether it is through streaming service or cable – Fitzy TV presents them in a basic and easy to use grid guide on Android TV, Android devices as well as the Fire TV. This service also supports Roku and iOS. You will have to sign in with your favorite TV providers and you will get a guide of eligible channels to stream which can be used to stream direction through the application.



This service is available for website users and iOS application users. Offers recommendations and universal search across various streaming services. This platform is a great option to find out how to stream a specific movie or a TV show and then settle on what to watch you have already paid for. The app also has a new and leaving sections that work across various platforms and other sources. You just have to create a login, and the app can synch your streaming service and Watchlist across various devices as well.


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