A Comprehensive List of Vmware Products & Features

VMware is an organization that was set up in 1998. It offers various applications and software to meet needs pertaining to virtualization. Through the years, it has now become the best provider in the IT industry. Vmware products are broadly classified into server applications and desktop applications. So, scroll ahead to know more about the offerings.

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Best 15 Vmware Products & Features


Founded in 2003, the VMware Airwatch is a provider that offers standalone management systems and enterprise mobility management software. While the latter included mobile security, mobile email management, and many more, AirWatch supports systems like Windows and Mac OS along with Android devices and smartphones running on iOS.

Fusion for Mac

Fusion gives a user the ability to run Windows on Mac OS X. It’s a virtual environment that’s optimized for Mountain Lion and Windows 8. Apart from a remarkable Cocoa interface, Fusion is very much easy to install when new OS is concerned. Besides, it also supports Thunderbolt, a hardware interface that permits the user to connect external peripherals to a computer.

Horizon 7

VMware Horizon 7 is one of the best platforms for virtual applications and desktops. An individual can expect a superior experience with Skype for business. With the help of the virtualization platform, management is actually streamlined while end user compute resources are protected.

Horizon 7

Horizon Air Cloud-Hosted Desktops and Apps

From a single control panel, VMware hosted cloud helps in the delivery of on-premises / cloud-hosted virtual desktops to any device. It makes it easy to access a digital workspace in the most secure way regardless of the location. The VMware End-User Computing portfolio lets you link apps and desktops with the Cloud.

Hyper-Converged Software

VMware Hyper-Converged Software not only offers makes a private infrastructure cost-effective but also boosts the overall performance. In fact, the infrastructure seems like datacenters of companies like Google and Amazon. Moreover, the software makes networking easier through a single layer that runs on industry-standard x86 servers.

Identity Manager

The VMWare identity manager enhances performance and user management with a completely different interface. With support for unmanaged devices, the bring your own device concept can be easily implemented. As far as user management is concerned, once the individual logins he can gain access to some applications as others are locked.


When you are worried about Windows migration, the VMware Mirage offers desktop image management for computers and POS devices. As backups are automated and stored at the data center, data can be restored partially or fully from a centralized desktop image. Not just that, one can easily migrate from Windows XP to 7 or think about end user profile migrations to a new machine with Windows.



Known as Network Virtualization and security platform, the VMware NSX is the solution for decoupling network functions and re-creating a conventional network within a virtual space. Since everything is virtual, it’s impossible to play around with ports, switches, routers, firewalls, etc..You can go for two different editions, namely, VMware NSX for vSphere and NSX for Multi-Hypervisor (MH).

Pivotal App Suite

The Pivotal App Suite is a platform used by developers to design cloud-scale custom applications. The development team can perform with utmost productivity once modular components are introduced in the projects. You can also enhance functionalities in Spring, the most commonly used application development framework.


ThinApp virtualizes applications by encapsulating different files and registry into a single package. This can be managed as well as updated independently from the operating system. Apart from everything else, ThinApp reduces application version conflicts, simplifies Windows 7 migrations, reduces storage costs, and enhances mobility with end users.


User Environment Manager

The VMware User Environment Manager (UEM) eases out the task of managing applications settings and Windows OS across different types of hardware and operating systems. Once the application is modified on Windows XP desktops, the same app can be opened via. RDSH. As you go about configuring VMware UEM, you would neither require a database or a dedicated server.

vCenter Converter

With vCenter Convertor, a person can quickly convert local or remote machines into virtual machines without facing downtimes. Virtualization can easily be implemented on a large scale when multiple conversions are carried out at the same time. When it’s about a group of offices, a centralized console helps you to prioritize and keep a tab on several conversions.

Virtual SAN

A virtual SAN is known as a set of VMware hosts which uses a large number of disks. At present, this is a storage feature that’s integrated with vSphere 5.5. Depending on the version, the user can benefit from flash optimization, nondisruptive scaling and the ability to compress huge chunks of information. This helps to accomplish data reduction with less processing power.

VMware Workstation Unlocker

If you’re someone using desktop virtualization software, then VMware unlocker is a utility that enables you to run Mac OS X virtual machines on Windows OS. The tool replaces a few VMware program files and updates the files for running latest versions of Mac OS X. This is essential when virtual machines have to be set up as guest operating systems.

 VMware Integrated OpenStack

The VMware Integrated OpenStack increases productivity since developers avail neutral OpenStack API access for the VMware infrastructure. It also makes it easier for IT professionals to execute the OpenStack cloud with the underlying VMware virtualization technologies. The deployment of OpenStack happens in a time span of 20 minutes. By leveraging VMware SDCC, the team can experience benefits such disaster recovery and easy maintenance.

If you haven’t used the aforementioned products, then you should use them to make your everyday life better. Do let us know through your comments in case we have missed on any products.

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