Chatrad: How it Helps You to Meet Strangers Online


Are you really bored of the same people around you and wish to make new random friends online from all over the world? Then Chatrad would be the best chatting platform you should start using.

It is very popular platform where you can talk to random stranger and make new friends with just one go.

ChatRad is a user friendly online platform that supports webcam chats and let’s you talk to people online. This website is direct and very clean and has a straightforward interface to it.

So, if you are feeling lonely and wish to share your feeling with someone or maybe wants to have a chat and know about people from different regions of the world then ChatRad is the place for you, as it can be your stress buster for a judgemental free conversation.

Well, ChatRad was launched in 2013, and since then millions of users are using the platform, so you can find many people and have a great conversation with them and even if you don’t then all you need to do is just skip.

ChatRad Features

  • It lets you instantly talk to strangers online
  • ChatRad hides your privacy and doesn’t reveal your name until you want to tell the other person yourself
  • It is simple and easy to use and has a user-friendly interface to it
  • You can also choose the region you want to connect to, that helps you to connect with preferred region’s people
  • The platform is available in many languages, so you can choose that accordingly

How to Use ChatRad?

ChatRad is really easy and simple to use, follow these steps to connect with strangers instantly –

Step 1

Open your web browser and go to

Step 2

After the homepage of the website opens, choose your gender.

Step 3

Press the start button.

Step 4

Allow ChatRad to use your webcam and microphone.

Step 5

And its done! Start your conversation with people from all around the world.

Is ChatRad Free?

The answer is YES! is absolutely free and there are no hidden charges or subscriptions. All you need to go is logon to their website and start chatting.

In brief,

ChatRad is a unique platform so the advice is not to restrict yourself to other languages and region. If you really wish to make new friends and are open for all sorts of people, then the platform is great.

Just make sure for one thing, while talking to strangers be specific of why you are in the platform and be polite. You never know what the other person is looking for so being specific and straight forward is very important, and the option of skip is always there if you don’t wish to continue talking to the same person.

Hope you found this information useful and effective. I am sure if you are an adventurous person you would really like this unique platform.

Mehak Kandhari

Written by Mehak Kandhari

Mehak Kandhari is a content editor at TechbyLWS. She loves to write about different topics related to technology. She writes not to build her portfolio, instead to help people find solutions and this is what make her content unique and user friendly.