10 Best Chat Apps For Seamless Team Work


From pictograms to chat apps, human have found better ways to communicate. While emails require lengthy replies, video calls can be a pain when face-to-face meetings are concerned. But, now everything has changed. Chat or small messages can help you move on with your work. So, with this in mind, we have collated 10 team chat apps.

Ten Best Chat Apps for Team Work


Slack Chat App

Regardless of where you work, Slack brings people together for getting things done. You can either send messages directly to another person or be focused with a group. Besides, you can make a channel and welcome everyone to share transparent views of everything that’s going on. The video call feature further helps you to share your screen and organize a face-to-face meetup.



HipChat is a platform that helps you chat with a business team. The application is compatible with operating systems like Mac, iOS, Android and Windows. Even when you’re not at your desk, you can receive notifications through in-app, SMS, and mobile alerts. With HipChat, you can do more than a simple chat. It could either be file sharing, video calling or screen sharing. Unlimited chatrooms and secure guest access are some of the features you can avail with the app.



Designed by the Todoist team, Twist transforms the experience through threads. So, whenever you need to convey something you have to reply to the thread or start a new one. This helps your team to stay focused even when you are away. With the ‘Messages’ tab, you can direct the message or be quick to create a group for discussing something private. Much to your surprise, you can build chat bots through seamless integrations.

Microsoft Teams


If you’re seeking to discuss a project with your team, then Microsoft Teams could be the best option. Just in case you need to elaborate, you can write an email-style message through the rich text editor. But, whenever you have a meeting, you can easily switch between screen sharing, video calling and maintaining long form messages.



Synonymous to HipChat, Discord offers you to build channels for discussions, sending quick feedback and pinning down important messages. DiscordTag lets you share the chat server with a new member added to the team. You can also talk with workmates if you want to elaborate on a shared document.

Cisco Spark


Developed for creative teams, Cisco Spark lets you create a chat room in one click. You avail a Whiteboard for representing ideas through diagrams or sketches. While you shoot simple and straightforward messages, you can find easy ways to let others know what you have on your mind. Moreover, your experience would just be as much as a face-to-face conversation.



Mattermost is a tool that provides you with customizable features you need for effective communication. With teams under different channels, the self-hosted team app allows to stay a bit more organized. You can also work your way out when teams have to follow certain policies on communication.



ChatWork keeps everything in one place through private or public group chats. With the sidebar, you can toggle between teams without missing any piece of information. The to-do list that’s included helps you manage tasks for every conversation. With the capability of handling multiple teams simultaneously, you can actually get things done quickly.



Ryver helps you organize and reply to multiple messages the way you desire. Once you select the messages, you can write down your thoughts through a long-form message. While you aren’t live, you can set a Reminder to follow up with the earlier conversation. Guests can also be added to be part of your in-house team. While you can build chat bots, you can connect the tool with 750+ apps.

Zoho Chat


For multitasking and an elaborative discussion, Zoho Chat helps you continue the conversation through the multi-column layout. Well, that’s not all, you can also fetch a third opinion by forwarding the post to another channel. You can push the conversation through a private chat and avoid cluttering the main channel.

Hope you know which tool could serve to be the best. Do let us know if you’re using something else that’s not mentioned above.

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