How to Change Notification Sound for Twitter on iPhone?

Change Notification Sound for Twitter on iPhone

To change the notification sound for Twitter on iPhone can be done to have unique tones and text tone. You can also change the volume to a higher or a lower sound level. This guide will teach you on how to change the notification sound for Twitter and how to basically change the other tones.

Changing Twitter Notification Sound

go to settingSelect Sound optionSelect notification toneSelect Tone

  • Go to > Settings > click Sounds option > Then Tweet
    select the notification tone

Now select the notification tone. Note – this sound can be changed only for direct tweets, not general.

If you have ever been in a situation when you hear your iPhone tune  thinking that it was yours, then you realize that it was actually not yours but a person’s who was near you.  We understand your situation and you are not alone. Changing the tone can help you avoid those issues.

Customizing Notification Sound on iPhone

To set the notification tone of your choice, follow these simple steps;

  • Click > Settings
  • Scroll down and click > Sounds option
  • In the settings option. Swipe the ringer alert button to the left or right to increase and decrease the volume.
  • Click the Toggle switch to green. If it’s in grey, then that feature is turned off.
  • Click the Ringtone to change your device’s ringing tone
  • On the settings option you can choose the ringtone you want.
  • Click the > TEXT TONE to change the notification for text messages.
  • On the text tone settings you can choose the ring tone type you want.
  • Click “NEW VOICEMAIL” to change the notification sound for new voicemails.
  • In the new voicemail settings where you can pick from a list of ringtone. Click on the preferred ringtone.
  • Click the calendar alerts to change the device’s calendar notifications.
  • On the calendar alert settings where you can pick from the list of alert tones for notifications. Click on the preferred alert tone.
  • Click the reminder alerts to change the alert sounds.
  • On the reminder alerts settings where you can choose the reminder list you want. Click on the preferred alert tone.
  • Click the AirDrop to change the alert sounds
  • On the settings tab you can choose from the list of tones you want to set.
  • Now your alert sounds and notification will be changed. You can now use the phone normally.


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