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Can I Check iPhone X Battery Percentage on the Home Screen?

Check iPhone X Battery Percentage

Looking for ways on how to turn on battery percentage in iPhone X on the home screen?

Sorry, but you are wasting your time because iPhone X doesn’t have that feature available for main screen.

Instead you can check your iPhone X battery life in the control center.

To access your iPhone X control center, you need to swipe down on the screen.

Of course, you can turn on the battery percentage icon on the home screen for other iOs devices like iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 7plus, 8, 8plus, and iPad.

Excluding iPhone X, you can enable battery percentage for above mentioned iOs devices. To do so, go to settings > battery > turn on battery percentage. That’s it!

Unfortunately, this is not the case with iPhone X, especially when you are trying to enable battery percentage option for the main screen.

But, still there’s a way out to check battery % in iPhone X.

Instead of the status bar, you can still check the available iPhone X battery life in percentage following below steps…

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How to Check iPhone X Battery Percentage?

Step 1

Unlock your phone and check in the top right corner. There is a battery icon but no percentage view.

Step 2

Now, swipe down to open the Control Center.

You might have noticed one difference between other iPhones and iPhone X.

In iPhone X you need to swipe down to access the Control Center and in other iOs phones you can get access of the control center by swiping up.

Step 3

Try to check the battery icon in the upper right corner of the control center. You will see the battery life in icon and percentage value as well.

Now, when close the iPhone X control center, percentage view of the battery life will disappear.

Hope this guide helped you to know how to check iPhone X Battery Percentage.

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