Calamus One Ultra-Drive E-Bike: How it Can Make Your Morning Energetic

Calamus One Ultra-Drive E-Bike

The Calamus One ultra drive E bike is a new and advanced electric bike that can make your morning so refreshing and breezy. This charges quickly and a has an ultra drive quick motors from Bafang and Bofeili that will offer that extra torque to help you climb the rocks. Also, the electric cycle is so efficient and in just a single charge, you can use the bike for up to eight kilometers, which is 50 miles.

That is so cool when you can have an e-bike that can travel a lot. Also, it has a CDX carbon drive system which helps the e-bike to response superior. Also, this is super durable e- bike and its includes a waterproof computer as well as navigation touchscreen. As a cherry on a cake, this e-bike will also sense blind spots and suggest you through handle grips, if any vehicle comes. Also, this uber cool bike has a custom – cast body and internal cabling.

What It Includes ?

Next Gen Ultra Drive Motor

The e- bike has next gen ultra drive motor from Bafang which can give you that extra amount of torque needed from the same power rating. So you can climb mountains in one – slope irrespective of the weight included.

Detachable Battery

The Calamus one ultra e- bike has been carefully crafted with a detachable batter, so you can easily carry where you want to charge and it can be charges anywhere and all you need is just a regular wall socket.

Responsive Carbon Belt Drive

You will also get a lag – less carbon belts with the e- bikes from Gates which makes your bile super silent and highly responsive.

Integrated Lights

You can also see the design accent in the day as well as night

Bling Spot Assist

This e- bike is also equipped with a special sensor that can constantly scan for other things that come behind your vision. If you are changing lanes while a vehicle comes  in the blind spot, your handle- bar will vibrate to warn you.

Fingerprint Enabled

Ultrabikes are the future e-bikes. This electric bike is ultra secured with fingerprint. You can unlock your bike with your fingerprints and also restore all the settings or the rider profile information.

World Wide Tracking

There is also a global GSM chip which enables you to locate the bike in case if it’s misplaced or stolen. This feature allows you to set a virtual safe one for your electric bike on the map. The alarm will trigger on your mobile phone when your bike gets out of the safe zone.

Why E- Bikes?

Calamus One Ultra-Drive E-Bike


A Better Workout

A e -bike enables you to ride over harsh roads and terrain that your regular bikes cant handle. The proverb “No pain No gain” suits well here. Go up on a terrain road and  climbing over rocks and stumps will offer your body a decent workout that is usually more harsh than riding on a smooth and flat surface. While cycling is always an awesome workout, you will get a superior one by doing this on a rough terrain.

More Options

We love choosing – it has become enormously famous to the chic clients. By choosing an e- bike over the traditional road bike, you will be offering yourself more riding choices. If you wish to ride your bike on a smooth surface, you will not be confined to them.

Stress Reduction

By riding a bike on off – road trails, you will the joy of getting back to nature. According to clinical studies, outdoor activities, which also includes the terrain bike, can  provide an excellent means of stress reduction levels. You can also ride road bikes outdoors, but remember that you will be limited to smooth roads, like the paved bike trails.

Medical Benefits

Biking can also offer various health advantages, with mountain biking being one of the top. Your lower and upper body gets a complete workout each time your feet turn the pedals. Also, it’s a great workout for your muscles, it becomes stronger as you ride the bike and learn to maintain it.

Financial Benefits

Since you spend your hard earned money when buying an e-bike, how can it be beneficial for you? This is related to the less transparent costs of not exercising. By choosing the ultra e-bike, you can prevent various diseases and illnesses.

Environment Friendly

People willing to go -green to save the earth are preferring to buy electric bikes as their primary mode of transportation. It might be real that these types of bike still want some sort of fossil fuel in the form of electrical charge, but it’s not harmful. Besides, if you are among them then the Calamus Ultra e- bike is the right choice .

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