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Blackbaud Login

If you are facing a problem to access Blackbaud login page or its other resources, or in case you forgot account password, then read this guide for further help.

Blackbaud is USA based cloud software solutions provider company founded in 1983.

They mainly cater software services for organizations (nonprofits, companies, education institutions, K2-Schools, foundations, healthcare industry, and individuals) engaged in Social Good business.

According to the company, 25,000 and more companies are using Blackbaud’s products to execute various jobs like fundraising, website management, CRM, financial management, analytics, ticketing, and education administration.

If your organization is using Blackbaud services and you don’t know how to login into your Blackbaud account, then follow below steps…

Blackbaud Login: Step by Step

If you are looking for help to understand how to login Blackbaud’s website, then below are the steps you need…

Stpe 1

Go to and click on “Sign In” button in the top right corner.

blackbaud sign in
blackbaud sign in

Note: For successful login, you need to make sure that your Blackbaud account is linked with your Organization.

Step 2

If your Blackbaud account and your organization are associated, then you can simply logging into your account with your Blackbaud ID (BBID) and Password, or you can sign in with your Google account as well.

Login Page

Login Page


The best thing is that with one login detail you can access any resources you are authorized to work on, which may include;

  • Blackbaud Community
  • Raiser’s Edge NXT
  • Financial Edge NXT
  • Blackbaud Outcomes
  • ResearchPoint
  • SKY Developer Portal
  • everydayhero
  • Altru
  • Luminate Online (Beta)
  • com
  • Blackbaud Training
  • DonorCentral

Note: For other software and resources than above mentioned ones, you need separate login details.

Common FAQs Users May Frequently Ask

1) How to Recover Password?

Want to reset your password? Then you need to do it online as Blackbaud team don’t store login details of users for security reasons.

Just follow below simple steps to recover your Blackbaud password…

Step 1

Go to the Login page and click on “Forgot Password?” link.

blackbaud forgot password.PNG
blackbaud forgot password

Step 2

Enter your email address and click send button. In few seconds, you will receive password reset link in your inbox from this email ID ( Make sure you allowed this ID in your email server.

Step 3

Open that link and enter your new password with all password requirements in mind showing right below the form –

blackbaud reset password
blackbaud reset password

If it shows that you don’t have Blackbaund account, then you need to create new one.

2) What Are the Password Requirements to Sign in with Blackbaud Account?

If you setting up your new password and resetting older one, you have to keep below conditions in mind –

  • You need a password more than 8 characters
  • It must include at least (3) things:
  • Capital letter
  • Number
  • Special character (! @ # & , % & * _ )

3) What If I don’t See my Organization Name in my Profile?

In this case, you need to approach to your organization’s website admin. He/She will send an invitation for your organization account.

4) What Type of Email Address and Sign In Option Should I Use?

As per our suggestion, you don’t need to use your personal email ID to sign in Blackbaun. Contact your Organisation’s website admin, they will help you out.

As far as sign in options are concerned, we suggest to go with BlackBaun with any type of email ID. If your organization has used Google account for registration then you need to use your Google account to login.

5) Can I Sign Up with Different Email Address and Use different email ID for Communication with BlackBaud?

Well, as per their system user will get all communications on the same ID used to create Blackbaun account. To change the communication preferences, you need to be a member of customer organization.

6) What If I Didn’t Get the Confirmation Email to Complete the Registration?

In this case, you need to first make sure that below email ID are not blocked by your email server, proxy server, and firewall –


Besides it, you can whitelist below IPs on your email server –

  • ( –
  • ( –
  • ( –
  • ( –

8) What Does it Mean by this Error Message – “It appears you have a valid Blackbaud account, but you are not currently associated with any organizations.”  

This message may likely to appear when your account is not linked with their system records. To get rid of it, you need to link your account by following below steps –

  1. Clear your account cookies
  2. Now, login to your Blackbaud ID login account
  3. Now, try to access Case Central. Successful access means your account is now linked.

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