Best Wiziwig Alternative Sites for Free Sport Streaming


WiziWig is one of the popular websites which offers sports update. It’s nothing but a platform which aids you to watch game shows and search for updates. Whether you are a football, basketball or a rugby fan, get everything from such a kind of site. But, since the site has closed down a year ago, you should go through the alternatives listed below.

Six Sites Like WiziWig Best for Free Sport Streaming

12th Player (

Dedicated to football, 12th player directs you to live support and regular updates pertaining to the game. While you don’t need to pay for the subscription, you would have to manage from several ads posted online.

VIP Leagues (

Known to be the best channel for sports entertainment, VIP Leagues gives you update of every sport played across countries. It could either be football, rugby or any other game which love watching. Once you navigate the site, you can go through anything from live matches to updates.

BatManStream (

If you’re a fan of volleyball, baseball, tennis, basketball, rugby, football or NFL, then BatManStream helps you enjoy live matches. With numerous games online, it’s quite easy to stream with this website. Simply, go to BatManStream, click the favorite sport, and select the match you want to watch. To avail all services, you have to create an account. Besides, you can also download the extension without any hassles.

Sport365 (

When you can’t spare time to watch live Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, or Volleyball matches, then you can go to Sporrt365, one of the best web portal. An array of games can be enjoyed through this site. You can watch players competing during football, basketball, tennis, soccer, and boxing matches. Once you stop by, you can either select ‘News’, ‘Watch now’ or ‘Live’.

Stream2Watch (

Another website like Wiziwig is Stream2Watch which gives you an opportunity to enjoy TV channels. With a massive range to choose from, you can either watch Snooker matches, premier leagues, Football, NHL, Hockey, Golf, or any other game that’s your favorite.

So, folks these are the WiziWig alternatives that we have thought about. In case you have gone through any other site, do let us know.

Hardip Koradia

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