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Best Tips To Avoid Battery Damage While Charging Phone

Tips To Avoid Battery Damage While Charging Phone

As it’s universally known, smartphones usually work on a battery. While the battery may drain down at a faster rate, it might get heated up even after charging the smartphone for a long time. So, here are some tips you can consider to extend the battery’s life.

Tips To Avoid Battery Damage While Charging Phone

#Tip 1 – Always use the charger that comes with the smartphone. In case you are using any other charger, then the cell phone may get charged at a slow pace. Eventually, a different type of charger may damage the smartphone as well as the battery.

#Tip 2 – People might always say that it’s essential to calibrate the battery when someone purchases a new cell phone. But, this is a wrong perception according to Google. In fact, you don’t have to observe the smartphone time and again to check the capacity from the time the battery is completely charged to the time it is completely drained.

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#Tip 3 – Whenever you are using the smartphone, you should always keep it in a cold environment. If that’s not the case, then the heat may cause the battery to drain faster. So, you need to avoid situations in which the device may get overheated. The battery tends to drain faster once it becomes hot. Moreover, if you are busy and have not been using the smartphone, then that would also damage the battery. To add on to this tip, you should take care of the smartphone during summer especially when the temperature might be as high as 40 degrees Celsius.

#Tip 4 – For increasing the lifespan of the battery, the power of the battery should be around 50 percent. But, if you are concerned about the power, then it’s always a good idea to charge the battery till it’s half full.

#Tip 5 – Doctors normally recommend that eating junk food is not good for health even when you feel slightly hungry. This is also true for a smartphone that you are using all the time. So, if you are busy all day long, plugging in the cell phone can always be the best way to enhance battery health. Think about charging the device after time intervals. Over a period of time, you are sure to observe a difference in the battery’s lifespan.

#Tip 6 – Never keep the phone idle for a long time span but try using it for some or the other reason. It could be used for checking notifications, your Whatsapp messages or playing a game to relieve stress. In case you fail to do so, then the smartphone should at least have 50 percent of charge.

#Tip 7 – So, now that you have gone through the aforementioned tips, here are some hacks for improving the battery life.

#Tip 8 – In case you are falling asleep, then you should switch on the airplane mode or switch off the data connection. You might be curious to know about the emails in your inbox or what you are friends are up to on Facebook. But, that can be done soon after you have woken up in the morning or you’re having your breakfast.

#Tip 9 – Never set up wallpapers on the touchscreen. Even though these appear visually appealing, they can certainly drain the battery significantly. If you own a smartphone with an AMOLED display, then go for wallpapers with dark color shades. This would actually aid you to save battery once the brightness quite low.

#Tip 10 – When you are using the smartphone, you should avoid the use of third-party launchers. While these launchers can drain the battery, these can impact the smartphone’s performance as well. If it’s possible, you should only use the launcher that already installed on the cell phone. But, if you are not happy, then you can always use the Google’s launcher.

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#Tip 11 – Turn on the battery saver mode in case the cell phone is idle. The settings can always be changed as you go to ‘Settings >> Battery >> Enable the ‘Power-Saving Mode’. In the end, you would be happy in conserving the battery charge and automatically deactivating the smartphone when you are charging it.

#Tip 12 – Finally, you should reduce the brightness to control the power consumption. Moreover, you can always go for the auto-brightness mode for adjusting the brightness without forgetting about the battery consumption. In case there are numerous apps launched at the same time, then you should close the apps which you are not using at that moment.

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