Best Picasa Alternatives You Should Definitely Try


When you know that Picasa would be discontinued, you should think about alternatives to organize and edit photos. So, with this in our mind, we have come up with different options that would substitute Picasa. There are many apps for which you need to pay, but since the tool was free, we have focused on free replacements.

Worth to Check Below Picasa Alternative Sites

Google Photos

With a user friendly interface, Google Photos comes with whole lot of benefits. The app supports files with raw extensions and allows you to integrate with Google services. That’s not all, you can avail basic editing options along with Google Drive used to store images. Once you select Google Photos, you don’t need to open a new account. Besides, the automatic uploader enables you to store snaps on a common drive. Since it’s a product designed by Google, you can also share photos easily.

XnView MP

XnView MP is a free tool that not only allows you to edit images but also permits you to organize photos and create amazing slideshows. As compared to its predecessors, XnView MP boasts an intuitive interface. Much more than this, you can also tag photos and stay organized in a better way. Apart from everything else, the software is free and is available for Linux, Windows and Mac.

JetPhoto Studio

If your requirements are basic, then you should opt for JetPhoto Studio. The app helps you with major edits and keeps you satisfied once you have organized snaps. The Studio version can be availed without paying anything while the tool strikes off the fact of using an image editor. Well, the software can be used if you own a PC running on Windows or Mac OS. After using it, you would surely tag it to be the best alternative to Picasa.


When nothing works, you can use for transforming your photographs into masterpieces. Since the app comes with many features, it’s now earned the recognition of being the best editor. Within minutes, you can do anything by using features like layers, levels and curves. Further ahead, a library of extensions help you show off your skills. While you can easily download the app for free, the software works well on Windows only.


What’s perceived to be an image-sharing site, Flickr is great when you are trying to find the best photo storage option. Once you sign up with a free account, you receive one terabyte space to store collections of snaps. Unlike other alternatives, you have to upload the files all by yourself. You also armed with editing tools that help you to do the basics. You can adjust the photo the contrast and brightness to make them look realistic.

Microsoft Photos

As you can make out from the name, Microsoft Photos is a native app for users working on Windows OS. This is a pretty good app when you need to organize images and carry out some basic edits. To enjoy a unified experience across different devices, you need to grab the mobile version.

FastStone Image Viewer

With FastStone Image Viewer, you can do anything from browsing to editing. Apart from image viewing, you can get features like resizing, color adjustments, and cropping. Additionally, you can tweak clarity through the red-eye removal functionality. To your amusement, you can also add sound effects when you’re done with a slideshow. The tool offers you a high quality magnifier and 150+ transitional effects to make special moments appealing.

Moving on to Picassa, you should know that you have to switch to another option. Will you to working on some other services? Which tool would you be using? Do feel free to share your suggestions.

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