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Best Dual Boot Repair Tools for Windows 10/8/7

Best Dual Boot Repair Tools For Windows

If you are struggling to boot the PC and login to your account, you should surely consider the dual-boot tools compiled below. While these perform the usual function, you would know what would work best for your system.

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Dual Boot Repair 10 (version 1.3)

If you’re facing problems in booting the computer to one of the operating systems, then the dual boot repair utility can help you fix issues with the help of an easy to use interface. While the tool runs only on Windows 10, you can resolve problems in just one click. With the help of the ‘Repair BCD’ option, you can very well create a boot loader for Vista as well as Windows 7/8/10. The disk can easily be managed by either deleting or shrinking partitions. You can set the active flag which is essential for booting the BIOS firmware and disks based on MBR. Through the boot sector viewer, you can always inspect and thereby save the partition boot records.

Dual Boot Repair 10

Dual Boot Repair Tool

When you have to deal with situations when the system fails to boot, you can very well use the utility known as Dual Boot Repair Tool. You can take the advantage of many commands that fix as well as repair BCD, PBR, and the disk structure. Removing non-standard codes can be a breeze once you switch to the ‘Repair MBR’ option. In case if you are not sure about the various options, then you can lean on the safer side with the Automatic Repair option.


Known to work smoothly with Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, EasyBCD can always rescue the system from a disaster. The tool helps you create bootable USB sticks which are portable and be kept in your bag. Moreover, you can always remove, configure and reorder entries without facing any issues. As you are on the verge of creating complex boot scenarios, you avail the power to hide partitions and change the status of flags whenever required. In case of queries, you can always visit the website and seek assistance. To put it in a nutshell, the utility supercharges the operating system and allows you to move on with dual-boot without any fear in your mind.


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