Best Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone and Android Users

Best Augmented Reality Apps You Should Surely Explore

Augmented Reality is nothing but a technology that levels up your life with the help of an electronic device. The gadget could either be a smartphone, or a tablet working on iOS or Android. As far as best augmented reality apps are concerned, these track the current location and project objects on a screen specifically built for the technology.

So, if you are seeking applications that offer an excellent user experience, then you should surely scroll ahead and have a look at the list.

Augmented Reality (AR) Apps for iPhones

Dance Reality

Have you heard about dance practice in augmented reality? If you are still thinking, then you should install Dance Reality which is very good augmented reality app. With the latest technology, you can look through the smartphone and follow the footprints. While the app is not an alternative to an instructor, it could just be a tool for teaching you Salsa, Bachata, or Kuduro. Apart from the instructional videos, you can always control the speed and take your sweet time in learning the steps. A voice over aids you stay on the beat even if you haven’t danced anytime before.

Dance Reality

Air Measure

Packed with numerous features, Air Measure allows you to measure distance no matter where you are standing. In addition, a person can always measure his or her height, perceive virtual furniture in a room, and add levels when a portrait has to be hung on the wall. Best of all, a plethora of mode makes this app favorite among interior designers and well to do households. Although the app is developed for entertainment purposes, it always helps to come up with solutions for real life problems.


With the AR powered 3D technology, GIPHY World helps iPhone users to roll out creatives. Once you have added animated images here and there, you can simply record your creation and share it on different social circles. Besides, you can also post the video online. The GIPHY Cam enables you to record moments as a series of GIFs and add some filters before you share it on social media. A Javascript embed can always transform the website and lure visitors to go through the website for some more time.


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