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Apple WWDC 2017 – iPads, iOS 11 and much more to be expected!


Well , it’s a new year again for Apple with a big event. The WWDC, World Wide Developer’s Conference is upon us. It usually launches its new software at WWDC and this year’s nothing new has changed – a new version of MAC OS, iOS, Watch OS and TV OS are expected!

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Though, there are still rumours circulating the web world that this year Apple might announce the new hardware at the World Wide Developer’s conference – A new MacBook Pro with the latest version of Intel’s 7th Gen ‘Kaby Lake’ core processors, new iPads and even Siri Speakers to steal the fame of the Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Many rumors are targeted towards this year’s conference being more focused on customer than ever before. There is some proof to claim this back. Ahead of this 2017 conference, many developer targets announcements have been already announced by Apple. For instance, the company launched the PR a few days back which expressed the Swift Playground has been used by the developers to work with Lego Mindstroms and Parrot Drones as well as the fact that the company has paid the developers of seventy million dollars.

The event is expected to be held in San Jose, CA and the conference will start at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time. You can also watch this conference live heading to the official website of Apple.

iOS 11

The new version of iOS, which will be witnessed in the upcoming models of iPhone 7 and 8 Series, this fall is expected to lead in some of the few enhancements and updates. You will get dark mode option with enhanced battery life, tweaks, new features and enhancements for Siri, FaceTime and iMessage updates as well as an update to the Apple Pay.

Siri speaker

Apple is also expected to launch the Siri speaker at the 2017 WWDC. This speaker will come with a Virtual surround sound and could the Apple’s answer to the Google Home and Amazon Echo.

A 10.5 Inch iPad pro

As expected, you will also see an upgraded version on this. Many rumours point that the company is launching the all new model with a 10.5 inch screen with the same dimension of 9.7 inch iPad Pro.


While MacBook updates are more expected, there isn’t much about it. One big talk is about fixing the iTunes in MacOS. Apple might also be looking to narrow down the space between the iOS and MacOS. We can expect more combined apps that can work seamlessly between the two OS.

Watch OS and tvOS

The talks are very minute about the changes of these. We might see enhancements for operating both. If the rumours are true, then the company is more dedicated on making a complete ecosystem, where it might fit in its Siri powered speaker as well.


Recently, 4 models were noticed on a French regulatory website. It was expected that the company is going to fix another screen size to its iPad line. A 10.5 inch iPad pro will be expected to follow the same track as its 9.7 inch iPad, but with a new pattern and edgy display. The company might also upgrade its 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

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