Apple Is Looking Into Building Foldable iPhones Out Of Glass

apple folding iphone

Samsung wasted the opportunity to become the first major smartphone vendor to preferably launch the foldable handset. This is because the Galaxy Fold mainly turned out to have just a few design flaws which compromised the screens at the time of regular usage. It is not true that Samsung possessed the best foldable phone design out there but the company, for years, has been at the forefront of the foldable smartphone hype.

Samsung kept pushing the launch event and we have been waiting for about two years for the arrival of Galaxy Fold. This was because it still went on perfecting the software and design of the phone. Making of the foldable handsets is not considered to be that easy. So, the early misfortune of Galaxy Fold is probably the testament to that. In other ways, when it comes to new form factors, Samsung actually deserves some praise in order to push the envelope. Regardless of the risk, someone definitely had to do it.

Just because everyone else in the business contributes to work on such devices and so, Samsung is hardly alone. This includes Huawei that unveiled its Mate X at the same time as the Galaxy Fold. In this regard, one of those companies which have been rumored to be working on the foldable iPhones is considered to be Apple. For another few years, also such a kind of radical design changes is not at all expected. But, it tends to look more and more like Apples as it is involved in dedicating an ample amount of time on the study of foldable devices.

The iPhone maker was also just awarded a patent namely US Patent No. 10,303,218 for a Foldable cover and display for an electronic device. This particular documentation was first filed on January 12th, and it is known as the first proof which indicates that Apple is interested in the foldable handsets. Also, this is also an important fact that as because patents are owned by Apple which describes new technologies does not guarantee that these particular innovations are going to be included in the future devices.

apple folding iphones
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But, this patent suggests that a great deal of thought has been given by Apple to this particular subject. Also, there may be several advantages of foldable devices over traditional electronics whether they are laptops or smartphones.

Electronic devices, in a traditional way, have the presence of a single form factor which may be driven by the shape and size of the display. Also, there are many of the traditional displays that are rigid or at least not flexible, a traditional device is considered to be adaptable for the purpose of accommodating a number of form factors.

This includes the use of a pivot joint or mechanical hinge. However, these particular traditional configurations are mainly used for tablet devices and traditional notebook. So, these are limited by the integration and also the size which is mainly required by a separate mechanical hinge.

In this case, the described embodiments are mainly directed to the techniques and also devices in order to form electronic devices which possess flexible cover and are coupled to a flexible display. So, with some of the traditional solutions, it does not preferably have drawbacks or limitations associated with it.

This particular documentation not only reveals the potential designs for flexible iPads and iPhones but generally goes into great detail on the way to manufacture flexible covers.  Along with that, it also ensures that they work as intended and also are considered to be durable enough for the purpose of protecting the screen present underneath the flexible glass.

Foldable devices are proposed by Apple which could again have as many as three distinct screens and two hinges parts that could be folded in a “G” shape or an “S” shape. Furthermore, it is explained by Apple that several important parts of the screen could be mainly in use at different times and so, in order to increase the available screen size, the device could be folded partially.

This particular patent also considers looking at several important techniques which are used to create flexible cover sheets and list several ceramic materials which could be again used for the foldable screen. It also includes zirconia, sapphire or chemically strengthened glass. The interesting part about Apple is that it focuses on ceramic or glass in order to manufacture the cover sheets rather than any other materials. On the other hand, phones like the Mate X and Galaxy Fold do not possess any glass displays.

Apple also explains the fact that how these foldable glass sheets would be manufactured in order to ensure that they can be bent around an axis in a safe manner. Also, by repeated folding and unfolding of the screen, it tends to survive the generated stress and describes the complex system of layers of a flexible display.

The document also considers looking at important ways which help to ensure that the finished product possesses a smooth experience. It would also contribute to improving the user experience and also the appearance of the device.

Lastly, the patent also considers focusing on the cover sheet of the foldable device. This means that it would not feature any specific details about the other part of a flexible gadget i.e. the hinge. So, this is not only the patent of Apple on flexible devices. It is just another important piece in the flexible iPhone puzzle. They said, “We’ll have to wait and see whether Apple will launch a foldable iPhone or iPad in the near future that will make use of any of the inventions described in this patent.”

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