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Apple Event 2019: iPad, Apple tv+, Arcade, iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5, 11 Pro, & Pro Max

Apple event 2019

Some of the revolutionary Apple products and services were announced by Tim Cook and his team during the Apple Special Event 2019, at Steve Jobs Theatre present in Cupertino.

While some of the announcements were expected and this came out of the surprised and blue Apple enthusiasts. So, there are generally six major announcements from the Apple team including New iPad, Apple TV+, Arcade, iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5, iPhone 11 Pro and also 11 Pro Max.

Apple Arcade Price and Release Date
Apple Arcade

Arcade, the gaming store of Apple was specifically announced in its March event this year. Again, this month, Apple’s gaming subscription and the content on the store have been finalized by the company.

Mainly, one of the best things concerning Arcade is that you can easily access interesting games on your Apple TV, desktop (Mac) and also mobile (iPhone – iPad). More than 100 games on your Apple eco-system can be accessed by you and your family. It comes with a single subscription of $4.99 per month.

From September 19, you can preferably get to enjoy the Apple Arcade in more than 150 countries. Apart from that, you also get one-month free access to Arcade for any new sign up.

Apple Tv+ Price and Release Date
Apple Tv

Finally, Apple has come up with tv+ with some of the fantastic contents after the creation of a big hype in the WWDC 2019.

In case you buy one of the latest Apple iPhones this is announced today, you get one-year free access to its content. This is probably one of the best things about TV+.

The users also get to watch nine original shows on Apple TV+ from November 1. In this regard, some of the most popular movies and shows include: For All Mankind, See, The Morning Show, The Elephant Queen, Dickinson, Snoopy in Space, Helpsters and Ghostwriter. You have to wait for the joining of Oprah Winfrey in TV+ with a series.

Just like Arcade, for your entire family, the Apple TV+ will be available at $4.99 per month.

iPad 10.2 Inches (7th Gen) Price and Specification

apple ipad 10.2

This is known as the seventh generation iPad of Apple with the 10.2 inches of size. Some of the notable features of this latest tablet specifically include smart connector, 2x faster performance, 3.5 million pixels, and retina display.

The tablet will gradually replace the 9.7-inch entry-level iPad by Apple. Along with that, the first-generation Apple Pencil is supported by the iPad. This was a matter of surprise preferably for all the Apple lovers. Also, this September is meant for Apple Watch and iPhones. This iPad is well equipped with A10 Fusion chip and is compatible with the smart keyboard. It is made up of 100% recycled aluminum.

On the iPad, both Touch ID and also large bezels have been retained by Apple which indicates that a lightning cable is enough to charge this device.

The prices of this 10.2 inch iPad start from $329 whereas the same device is available at $299 for the educational customers.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Price and Specification

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple team also spoke about its Health Research app which will be made available in the United States this year later on before the announcement of its latest smartwatch.

Mainly, the health data for research such as Heart &Movement Study, Women’s Health Study, and Apple Hearing Study will be collected by Apple in this particular app.

There are also some revolutionary features that are present in the Watch Series 5 and so; the most prominent one is Always-On display. You always hey a quick look at the watch face with the help of these features whenever you watch notifications or time. Apart from that, you can also have a quick look over the watch face wherever you are not in a position to raise your wrist.

Just like its predecessors, this particular watch will give you 18 hours of battery life. Again, the Always-On display is largely credited to the low-power display driver, oxide display, and also low-temperature polysilicon. Until you move your wrist, this particular watch screen will remain in the low brightness mode.

There will be four finishes in which the watch will be available such as recycled aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium and ceramic. Two completely new features that are packed in the Apple Watch Series 5 include the international emergency calling and also a built-in compass.

Again, some of the people usually expected the built-in sleep tracker app but Apple has disappointed them by not announcing it. However, the new watch will be swim-proof for fitness enthusiasts.

Apple Watch will specifically be available at $499 (Cellular) and $399 (GPS) models. So, from September 20, you will find the availability of this new watch in stores. Most interestingly, the prices of Apple Watch Series 3 has again be reduced by Apple as this will be available at meager $199.

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iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and Pro Max Price And Specification

iPhone 11

All these three iPhones have surely nothing new in design apart from an extra rear camera. In fact, the look of it is much similar to the yester year’s iPhone XS and also XS Max. As expected and hyped earlier, the triple-lens camera is flaunted in the Pro models. On the other hand, the iPhone 11 possess dual camera.

iPhone 11 will be available in six vibrant colors such as red, black, yellow, green, white and purple. It also flaunts anodized aluminum glass.

This phone packs excellent features like 12 MP ultra-wide camera with portrait mode and also Dolby atmos 12MP wide camera. Apart from that, it also has a 6.1 – inch liquid retina display.

From Apple, the night mode was much expected and the tech giant has fulfilled the demand by the introduction of this feature in its iPhone 11.

When comes to performance, Apple has preferably used the A13 bionic chip that can give the fastest GPU and CPU even in any Smartphone. So, the battery performance of this particular device will be more powerful as the people will get one more hour than the iPhone XR.

In all the three devices announced today, one of the major highlight along with the night mode is considered to be the 4K resolution.

iPhone 11 boasts IP68, unlike iPhone XR which was rated IP67. Again, it can resist water up to two meters.

The price of iPhone 11 generally starts at $699 and also the particular company will start shipping from 13th of September.

So, iPhone 11 Pro and Oro Max are considered to be the premium models from the Cupertino based tech giant. Apart from size and also OLED display, there is the presence of more advanced features in the two flagship phones.

Customers who prefer a kind of most sophisticated technology would possibly go for the two phones that will be available in silver, space gray, green and gold colors.

The two Pro models, inside the stainless steel body, have many brilliant new features such as superior machine learning, A13 bionic chip, super retina XDR and lot more.

Along with that, the triple-lens camera is considered to be the most noticeable feature of the two smartphones. Other interesting features include 12MP ultra-wide camera, 12MP wide camera and also 12MP telephoto camera.

Deep Fusion is known to be a computational photography feature that is involved in capturing nine images, four secondary images, four short images, and one long exposure.

Another significant update by Apple, iPhone 11 Pro, and Pro Max are considered to be the battery performance. These will have four and five more hours of battery life respectively.

From September 13, the preorders for the two phones will probably start and the shipping will be initiated from September 20. Prices of the two phones will start $1099 for iPhone 11 Pro Max and $999 for iPhone 11 Pro. So, Apple has reduced the prices of iPhone 8 and XR to $499 and $599 respectively.

Final Words

As a result, the overall event was much concentrated on price rather than the specifications and also features of the devices. So, just like a democratic republic which announces its financial budget for the purpose of making people happy, the prices of its devices has been reduced by Apple.

But, an interesting fact regarding this is that Apple has not increased the basic prices of its two flagship devices that will be available at a price fixed for 2017 iPhone X.

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