Approx 36 Million Android SmartPhones Affected with Judy Malware


It’s a bad cyber security month. More than 36.5 Millions Android owners might have been affected by this fraud Judy malware. The report says that this malware might have been hiding in the play store for years.

The Malware which has given credentials as “Judy” by the Check Point researchers, a company which first established it, was  discovered in forty one application in the play store, which are made by a Korean published ENISTUDIO.

Between them, these highly  infected applications are being used by over 36.5 million times. The Company discovered this suspicious malware, says that it did not know its stay duration, but all the Judy games had been here since March 17.

The Judy Malware dumbly registers whoever downloads and established a connection with a command and control server ( C&C).  The servers then responds with a payload which is infectious, which consists of JavaScript code, URLs and user  -agent strings administered by the malware author.  With the help of user agent, the URLs are opened and emulates a PC browser in the invisible web pages and gets a redirection to some other website.

It is then spams out advertisements to the devices, some of which are also clicked by the owners to get back to the home screen again. This propels income to the malware author due to all the advertisement clicks.

While Google has sorted out all these infectious applications, discover and the eruption is now the talk of the town about the ability of the anti – malware inspecting system like Bouncer. Google said that the bug is fixed and action will be taken for violation the rules. The King of search engine has removed most of the apps, which was infected by  ‘Judy’ Malware bug.

More than ninety percent of smart phones run on Android OS in India, but none complained about the infections so far.

Written by Hardip Koradia

Hardip Koradia is a pro tech blogger with years of experience in writing resourceful articles on different tech topics like mobile apps, PCs, gadgets, software, how to guides, etc. His passion for technology inspired him to start Techbylws, a growing tech blog.