AliExpress: 7 Reasons to Buy from this Online Shopping Website

Aliexpress Review

AliExpress is a well-known online store for purchasing items at a cheaper price than Amazon, eBay, or other comparable ecommerce platforms.

The store was established in 2010 and is owned by Alibaba, a gigantic Chinese worldwide organization concentrating on web-based business and computing and is one of the world’s biggest web organizations.

But as we all know AliExpress and owner Jack Ma’s success is no secret from the world.

But what made AliExpress so successful?

In this article we will talk about reasons to buy from this gigantic online website and many other factors that made this website a great accomplishment.

How Does Works?

Just like any other shopping website AliExpress is no different. To use it first the sign up, login, and complete your profile. Aliexpress login and registration process is pretty simple and similar to other ecommerce websites.

Here you can create an account manually by entering your email id or you can also sign up via Facebook, Google etc.

Before you begin shopping, AliExpress will ask you certain questions like you name, DOB, nationality. It will also ask you about your choices and preferences like tech, electronics, cosmetics, accessories etc.

Other information asked by includes your marital status, your child birthday, which industry you work in, your average pay, a gauge of the amount you spend when shopping on the web every month, and other online apps you use.

When your profile is set-up, you will be able to browse AliExpress and quest for items by means of the search bar at the top of the screen.

Items can be bought from their individual pages by choosing the Buy Now option or added to your cart by choosing the Add to Cart option.

The shopping procedure on AliExpress is fundamentally the same as most other online stores, like Amazon or eBay.

Reasons to Buy from AliExpress

Free Shipping

Not all but many selected items on AliExpress is eligible for free shipping. The products which are mostly smaller or lighter can be suitable of free shipping so do not expect free shipping on heavy items like machinery etc.

Free shipping is possible because the Chinese authority subsidizes on shipping.

Sometimes no cost shipping is also possible as sellers themselves end up paying that extra cent from their pocket.

They also keep the packaging cost low by packing the product in plastic bags.

Tax Benefits

Contingent upon where you live and the nearby laws, you will not need to pay any VAT/GST on smaller sums.

Over certain edges however, you should make good on this assessment and, depending upon item and nation, also customs.

Despite everything is generally less expensive to equivalent items at home. Regularly the dealers simply announce negligible qualities for custom purposes themselves at any rate, and afterward it truly depends if your nearby traditions experience the problem of gathering taxes and expenses.

Same Amazon Products

Well after many reviews and research it is also known that many products of AliExpress are just being resold at Amazon.

Seller basically order at huge bulk from AliExpress and the resell at higher margins at Amazon.

Worth The Wait

As we know buying from AliExpress is easy and cheap but it does take minimum 2-3 weeks to reach your doorstep.

Well let me tell you that its worth the wait.

After you have ordered, there is a high possibility of not remembering it for the next 2 weeks so when it arrives it becomes a surprise thus make it a better experience.

So, it is a task of patience and wait but the results are definitely good.

No Fake Product

Well if you hear rumours, many say that there are lots of fake products being sold at AliExpress.

But let me clarify that its not true. Fake products are just everywhere, be it Amazon or eBay.

As a matter of face AliExpress has drastically improved their service and focusing on how to have better and safer products on their platform.

When we compare there are definitely better deals on this platform rather than any other online.

Customer Value

Well many say that customer value perspective is copied from Amazon be that true or not but AliExpress has improved their customer service a lot.

Before they had many complaints and issue with their customer support but be it competition or anything, they have enhanced their service.

AliExpress has not only advanced but also their money return policy is much better now.

The platform now has a proper process in place to resolve any issue related to products or returns.

Vast Options To Choose From

Well as we know that www aliexpress com is huge and China based, the options available in the website is way more than any other platform.

You can find almost anything on the website and at much cheaper rates.

For better use you can download the app on your smartphones as well.

What Items To Buy On AliExpress?

This website sells a variety of things from women products to men.

You can find anything here from toys, clothes, electronics, home products, cosmetics or beauty products.

Even jewellery, shoes, furniture, machinery items are also available on the platform.

Products like weaponry, digital media products, software etc are not available on AliExpress.

Why Are Items So Cheap?

Well if you are still confused to why item being sold at the platform so cheap then here is the answer.

Unlike any other platform most of the retailers/vendors selling products on AliExpress are based in China itself and supply all their stock directly from Chinese producers/ manufacturers.

Due to this reason the costs cut down and that means they can afford to offer free or very cheap shipping as well.

Payment at AliExpress

AliExpress does not acknowledge checks, cash requests, for orders, rather concentrating only accept cards as instalment.

The uplifting news is all significant Visas and credit cards are acknowledged on AliExpress.

Sites like AliExpress

AliExpress has a few opponents that likewise target customers hoping to purchase a wide assortment of things at limited costs. A portion of the significant alternatives are:

Wish App

Wish App likewise associates Western customers with vendors in China that can sell them well-known items for a cheap amount of what they would take.


This platform has been around for longer than 10 years and offers items sold from wholesalers in China.

It legitimately rivals AliExpress’ intended interest group and even impersonates a great deal of the AliExpress site’s visual as well.


Items on LightInTheBox are marginally more costly than on AliExpress, yet they are still a lot less expensive than what you’d find on the web.

What sets LightInTheBox separated from AliExpress is it has a few distribution centers in the U.S., which means a portion of its items will deliver a lot quicker than they would if they were being delivered from China.


Well when it comes to cheap products with good quality AliExpress tops the chart. As compared above most of the famous website just resells their products after buying it from AliExpress at cheaper rates.

Though it does take times to deliver but at the same time you are getting the product at much cheaper rate.

So, if you are thinking of buying any product and have no hurry for it then definitely go for this website.

In case of any dispute or problems, AliExpress customer support is always there to help with money back guarantee option.


Written by Nyk Patel

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