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[Solved] AirPods Not Connecting to Mac: 100% Working Fixes

Airpods not Connecting to Mac

Are you experiencing glitches while connecting your Apple Airpods with Mac?

No issue!

Here, we will let you know that why your Airpods not connecting to Mac and also show you some proven methods that you can try to fix this connectivity issue.

Apple Airpods are made to wirelessly connect with other iOs devices like iPhone, iPad, and Macbook.

This wireless earpods are linked to your Apple ID which enables you to sync Airpods with all devices on iCloud.

Usually, Airpods automatically connect with iPhone and iPads but in some instances you may get error while connecting airpods with Macbook.

There may be some reasons preventing you from linking Apple Airpods with Mac such as –

  1. You’re running on older Mac software
  2. May be you forget to turn on Bluetooth
  3. Airpods Case or Airpods are not charged
  4. Your Airpods may get dust and debris

Whatever the problem is, we have the right solutions you need to fix Airpods not connecting to Macbook issue.

Let’s get into methods now…

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How to Fix Airpods not Connecting to Mac with These 100% Working Methods

1) Check for the Mac Software You Are Using

If you are running your MacOS on older software then it might be the cause that putting you off from connecting Airpods with Mac.

Currently, MacOS Sierra and MacOS Catalina are the latest software that support wireless connectivity.

How to Check and Update Software in Mac?

Step 1

Look for the “Apple Logo” on your Mac home screen in the top left corner and click on it.

Step 2

Tap on the “About this Mac” option where you will see everything about your Macbook

Step 3

Check either you are using the latest software or not. If not then there should be a software update available.

Step 4

Update the software and let the system do work for a while.

Step 5

Once the software updated to the latest version, you can try to connect Airpods with Mac and see if it works.

Still facing problem while connecting Airpods with Mac? If yes, then next thing you can do is to check either you turn on the Bluetooth or not.

2) Turn on Bluetooth

If your Macbook is connected with your iCloud account then it’s pretty easy to pair Airpods with Mac using Bluetooth.

What you just need to do is that check either your Bluetooth is on or off. If it’s not enabled then turn it on.

Once you turned on Bluetooth, it will show you connected devices including your Airpods. Select your Airpods and start listening music.

How to Turn on Bluetooth in Mac?

There are two ways to enable Bluetooth in Macbook to connect Airpods –

  1. Go to System Preferences > Click on the Bluetooth > Turn on it
  2. Additionally, you can directly turn on and off Bluetooth from the Mac home screen itself. What you need to do is check for the Bluetooth icon in the upper right hand side. When Bluetooth is off, the icon will appear in gray color. But, when you click on it to enable Bluetooth, the icon will turn into blue.

3) Try Unpair and Pair Trick

Double check either your Airpods are paired with your Apple Macbook or not. If they are already paired then you need to unpair and try to pair them again.

How to Unpair and Pair Airpods with Macbook?

Step 1

Go to Bluetooth using above mentioned steps.

Step 2

You will see your Airpods there in the list if already paired previously.  Right Click on your Airpods and tap on Remove. Later on, you need to select Forget Device.

Step 3

Now, your airpods are completely disconnected from your device and reset.

The next step you need to do is that bring the Airpods case close to your Macbook and press the Round Button at the back side of the case.

Your Airpods will show up in the list in a matter of minutes, click on connect to put your Airpods on pairing mode.

Once your Airpods connected to the Mac, it will show in the Bluetooth section from where you can try to connect this wireless earpods with Mac.

If the system still refusing Airpods connection to Mac, then try manual reset method which is explained below.

4) Try Resetting Airpods

Resetting will actually give a fresh start and fix several software related bugs restricting you from connecting Airpods to Mac.

Here’s how to reset Airpods to establish successful connection with Macbook…

It’s very simple!

Hold on the Round Button at the back side of the case for up to 10 seconds or until you will see a white flash light inside the case.

Now, go through the pairing process described above and you are all done with resetting process.

Still, you are unable to connect Airpods to Mac? Then, make sure that you choose your Airpods as output device.

5) Choose Airpods as Output Device

Sometimes, your Macbook is connected to other output device and this can disrupt the connection while you trying to connect Airpods to Mac.

Here is how you can select Airpods as an output device on Mac…

How to Select Airpods as Output Device in Mac?

First, you need to make sure two things; one is that Airpods and Mac should not be placed too far from each other, and the second one is that to make sure that Bluetooth is enabled.

Here’s the process to select Airpods as output device in Macbook…

Step 1

Click on the System Preferences

Step 2

Now, click on the Sound icon that resemble to speaker

Step 3

Here, you will see a list of output devices if any including your Airpods.

Click on your Airpods to select as output device.

If your Airpods are not in the list then it indicates that it has not been connected with your Mac yet.

Besides all these methods, there are few more things you can do to fix Airpods not connecting to Mac, that include – charging the Airpods and its case, if the dust and debris are there then you need to clean your Airpods properly with lint free cloth.

This will resolve small hardware issues that may preventing you from connecting Airpods to Macbook.

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