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14 AI Personal Assistants For Managers

AI Personal Assistants

If you are wondering what a virtual assistant is, then it is a software that helps you to perform tasks efficiently.

At some instances, the assistant can be referred as a chatbot for responding to queries instantaneously. Normally, the virtual assistant can be activated once the user utters a word, ‘Ok Google’ or Alexa’. This voice command will take you back to Siri which was introduced soon after the launch of iPhone X.

So, if you are confused on which one you must try out, then it’s better to scroll ahead and check out the list of AI personal assistants.

World’s Most Popular AI Personal Assistants Suitable for Managers

1. Google Assistant

Google-AssistantGoogle Assistant always helps you to seek answers for questions related to weather, flight status, and destinations.

You can also translate information in more than 100 languages and manage the schedule with the help of the speech recognition capability.

Once you have the app on the smartphone, you can easily set reminders, make a reservation and control household appliances with smart technology. Once you start using the Android wear, you can control everything right from your wrist.

2. Julie Desk


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