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14 AI Personal Assistants For Managers

AI Personal Assistants

If you are wondering what a virtual assistant is, then it is a software that helps you to perform tasks efficiently.

At some instances, the assistant can be referred as a chatbot for responding to queries instantaneously. Normally, the virtual assistant can be activated once the user utters a word, ‘Ok Google’ or Alexa’. This voice command will take you back to Siri which was introduced soon after the launch of iPhone X.

So, if you are confused on which one you must try out, then it’s better to scroll ahead and check out the list of AI personal assistants.

World’s Most Popular AI Personal Assistants Suitable for Managers

1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant always helps you to seek answers for questions related to weather, flight status, and destinations.

You can also translate information in more than 100 languages and manage the schedule with the help of the speech recognition capability.

Once you have the app on the smartphone, you can easily set reminders, make a reservation and control household appliances with smart technology. Once you start using the Android wear, you can control everything right from your wrist.

2. Julie Desk

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the Julie Desk is nothing but a virtual assistant that lets you schedule meetings.

Once you enter the preferences, you would be in a better position to schedule everything. In fact, the machine learning program helps you once it has completely understood the habits.

The Natural Language Processing (NLP) empowers managers to converse with individuals and you no longer need to send emails time and again.

Currently, it supports conversation in French and English and soon would be helping you chat in other languages. Owing to the security policy, data is kept confidential even when the agenda is valuable to you.

3. Meet Sally

If you wish to save time, then you could probably use the next-generation assistant, Meet Sally.

You would be working a bit more smartly because you no longer have to take the effort of sending emails and worry about last-minute schedule changes.

Just like an assistant you would hire, Sally comprehends the context of every email and send across the best response.

On the whole, the interface is easy to use and you can be a bit more productive as you count on Sally.

4. Amy & Andrew

Designed by the team of X.A1, Amy and Andrew aid to schedule meetings automatically and lets you focus on meaningful work.

Once you update the calendar with the preferences, you can arrange meetings round-the-clock.

Keeping the relevant email ID in the loop helps you set reminders even when you are a busy bee.

It’s something far beyond than an assistant, but in this case, you can imagine delegating the task to someone who is known by a pseudo name.

5. Cortana

Designed by the development team of Microsoft, Cortana helps you to work seamlessly with multiple devices. While the location-based reminders help you to pick up someone from my location, the photo reminder captures the image of a particular item and reminds you whenever you are making a purchase.

Besides, you can use apps such as Netflix, Ted, Feedlab, and more. By using the Cortana notebook, you can always receive a response depending on your interests.

6. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is synonymous to a Bluetooth speaker and helps you control things through the Alexa voice service.

For instance, if you want to search the best songs, then you could do it with the voice command.

With the help of the Drop-In feature, you can urgently have a conversation with your best friend or a family member.

The device also supports smart technology through which you can control switching on the lamp, or any other device without going to the switchboard.

7. Nina

Nina can always be integrated with a customer service platform in case the company desires to serve its clients in the best way.

With the app, you can not only enhance the level of security but also prevent frauds from occurring.

For a consistent customer experience, the Nuance NLU Technology is something that companies should embrace. As you are having a conversation with the customers, Nina possesses the ability to understand complex questions. This helps in clearing away the confusion and responding back with the right answer.

8. Viv

Viv is an artificial intelligence platform that features machine learning capabilities. With the simple user interface, professionals can always understand the context of the user and offer recommendations accordingly.

The latest web-based technology always helps to gain control over devices such as the smartphone, television set, and the electrical appliances you usually use.

9. Dragon Go

Recognized as the speech recognition software, the Dragon Go has the capability of dictating at a fast pace. While the app completely understands what you want, you would surely be in a better position to boost productivity and define simple voice commands.

The pop-up toolbar functionality enables you to share Dragon go results on social networking sites or via. an email or a text message.

10. Braina Virtual Assistant

The Braina virtual assistant is known to be a productivity tool that helps to interact with customers and avail assistance for the product or the business.

Artificial intelligence enhances the ability of decision making once the situation is assessed and the information is analyzed thoroughly.

At any point in time, the professionals can customize the virtual assistant and make it as similar as someone working at the help desk.

11. Lucida

As compared to other personal assistants, Lucida helps in matching images and providing answers to various questions.

Basically, the professional can benefit from 3 components namely, the question answering system, the speech recognition component, and the image matching component.

You would never have to bother about anything and just be sure about the functionality. In the end, you would feel as if you have been assigning tasks to a personal assistant whom you would hire in future.

12. Mycroft

In order to bring about a powerful conversational experience, Mycroft integrates natural language processing with speech-to-text functionality.

The recent technologies help users to share information and thereby collaborate with one another.

Practically, the AI assistant offers everything related to the weather and assists the person to perform day to day tasks by playing the favorite playlist or by setting alarms.

Whether it’s a mobile phone or a desktop, MyCroft AI can be used without experiencing any issues. This is because the app is based on the open-source operating system, Linux.

13. Vlingo

Vlingo offers an effective and a faster way of staying connected to those who are important to you. With the enhanced voice recognition system, users can be a bit more safer even when they are driving the vehicle and trying to communicate with others.

Moreover, business owners can take the advantage of enterprise voice solutions to keep a track of leads and sales. Crucial differentiation enables to execute the voice strategy since Vlingo is compatible with almost every mobile operating system.

14. Reason8

If you wish to save time jotting down minutes of a meeting, then Reason8 would turn out to be useful.

While the developers have tried to make life easier and much more productive, the users need two smartphones to record the entire meeting with the help of an app.

The speech to text services help you to handle transcription, you can avail a copy of the minutes sometime later.

As of now, the app has been developed for iOS. But, if you have been thinking about when the Android version would be released, then you need to wait till the next year.

Hope you enjoyed reading the blog on AI personal assistants. In case you have come across any other virtual assistant, then let us know right away. Feel free to share this piece of information with your team members just in case they want to enhance productivity.

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