Play Agario Using These Top 3 Agar io Modded Private Servers

agario private server

Students who have internet access in schools or college might have known about Agario. This platform is one of the most famous game among teens. This allows users to access multiplayer games and it’s a very addictive platform and It has many options and features to check out that enables players to change skin, quest, graphics settings, name etc. This private servers are really fun to play and they also have various modes.

What is Agario Private Server?

Agario is a server that allows you to play free game. The real version of the server is blocked In schools and colleges. The main server has high graphics and in the lower spec system it might lag.

This private server is more optimized and has various modes. You can also switch graphics, settings and chat with other peers. Modded Agario servers has other features like Minions Mod, Auto feed, Hunger games, Giant Server, etc. Many people love playing on private servers as it does not lag much. As we all know that official server lags a lot so much. In order to get smoother game play, players play on a private server.

What is the Best Agario Private Server?

A great agario server is quick and lag free. Number of players also matters a lot as more players means more fun to play. Most of the game lovers like to play on as its smooth and has various modes. FFA 1 Europe and FFA 2 US have more than sixty players which is great. If you are a great player and knows popsplit, trickspot, etc is best suggested private sector.

Still all has its own personal taste so you need to check out the list of agario modded private server and play on which suits you the more.

Top Agario Modded Private Servers


Abs0be Private Agario Server
Abs0be Private Agario Server

This server is currently ranking on the first, it has loads of features and skins inbuilt. It has great cool inbuilt modes such as free bot/hacks with doublesplit, popsplit, 16split, eject mass, Free – roam. The experience of the gameplay is super smooth  and the server will not lag. It also has chat box which enables you to interact with other players who are live too.

The site has loads of games modes such as FFA, Crazy Giant, FFA Minions, Experimenta and FFA Bots.

AgarioHub.Net Private Agario Server Private Agario Server

This is another best private agario server with free themes. Its implementing new mod features on the daily basis. Currently it has famous games like Teams Mode, Self Feed, Crazy Mode, Speed mode, Hunger Games and the server is also updating more soon.

You are also allowed to choose the server, which is near you, currently there are 3 options that is being served North America, Europe and Asia. It also allows you use the premium version of the skin for free. Private Agario Server Private Agario Server

This famous modded private server, it looks same as the agario server, but it has some other excellent features and also other skins are also available for absolutely free. You don’t have to pay for using the skin. There is also a char box and various server locations.

This server is always loaded with users and you might also get bored while using the server. If you are looking for a simpler one then you must try the Zagario. agario private server agario private server

One of the best servers for those who are searching for Insta Merge feature. You might feel that they’re very less on lone players. But when it comes to gameplay feature, then this will surely impress you. This private server has very clean and neat user interface and many game settings such as MiniMap, Grid Locations, ChatBox, Score, Instant, etc.

This Server is Also Similar to

Another private server in our list. You can use this server to unblock agario games. It also has various features such as FFA Giant, PROsplit and FFA Easy. Users can also make use of the fancy text option, this enables you to create a unique name for your cell. This private server is a must to check out.

Best Agario Names

Everyone loves playing games as well as the famous ones online. Many players love playing pro version of the games. In Agario, you can make stylish names. TYT ghost names are very famous in agario, many people love using it when playing.

The famous agario players are Jumbo and Crystal, TYT agario names are very famous. But as new players keep coming in choosing the agrio name has become hard to choose the right one. There are various names available on the internet which can be used while playing. Make sure you to check them too.


So, these are the top Agario servers, the list also has some of the modded servers also.






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