How to Add Disney Plus Bundle to Hulu?

Add Disney Plus to Hulu

Today we are going to talk about one of the oldest streaming service Hulu and how you can add Disney Plus to Hulu.

Hulu was founded in the year 2007 and since then it has been going great. It is currently owned by Disney and Comcast and available only in the US and Japan.

Hulu also has an amazing library of films and shows, and has a Live TV facility also.

On the other hand, Disney+ Bundle with Hulu is a striking proposition, but it can sometimes be hard to understand in regards with Hulu.

The version that is included in Hulu membership is the basic version and interrupted with advertisements.

So, how you can add Disney Plus to Hulu to watch your favorite movies and shows without any hassle?

Read on to get the answer…

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Is it Possible to Add Disney Plus through Hulu Account?

Well no, it is not possible to add Disney plus through Hulu account, but it is possible to add Hulu + Live TV, HBO, and other add ons with the help of Hulu settings.

The Disney Plus pack costs $13 every month, which spares you $5 every month. You can purchase the pack by visiting Disney, ESPN Plus or Hulu website.

If you have just got a Hulu or ESPN account, you’ll have to combine your accounts.

If you already have Hulu and want to add Disney plus, then here’s what you can do.

Note: There is no need to cancel any existing subscription.

Follow the Steps to Add Disney Plus to Hulu

  1. First sign in your Hulu account page
  2. Next select ‘Manage Plan’ option under ‘Your Subscription’
  3. Now under ‘Packages’ choose Disney bundle with your favourite Hulu plan
  4. Select ‘Review Changes’ option
  5. Next activate Disney+

Now you are all set!

How New Subscribers Can Sign Up for Disney+ Bundle on Hulu?

If you are new to Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ then you can easily sign up for the Disney bundle on Hulu.

Here are the steps you need to follow to register for the Disney bundle (New subscribers) –

  1. First visit
  2. Next choose ‘Sign Up Now’ option
  3. Now you need to enter email id, password, and other details
  4. Now finish your payment

Once you’ve successfully sign up for the Disney bundle through Hulu, you will receive an email on the id you’ve provided during sign up.

Open that email and select ‘Click here to activate your Disney+ and ESPN+ accounts’.

In brief,

Why choose one service when you can access both with minimal amount. Just follow aforementioned steps and enjoy Disney Plus on Hulu.


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