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How to Activate iPhone Without Sim Card [Proven Solutions]

How to Activate iPhone Without SIM

Wondering to know how to use iPhone without inserting Sim card?

If yes, then there are four proven methods you can go through to activate and set up iPhone without SIM.

The only condition is that your iPhone must be unlocked.

These solutions work well for almost all iPhone models.

So here we go…

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3 Ways to Activate iPhone Without a SIM Card (iTunes, Emergency Call, and Jailbreak)

1) Activate iPhone Using iTunes (No Sim Card Require)

iTunes to Activate iPhone without Sim Card
iTunes to Activate iPhone without Sim Card

If your iPhone is unlocked then this method of activating iPhone without SIM is pretty straight forward.

You just need to follow below steps –

1) Get the iTunes from Apple Store and Install it on your personal computer.

2) Now, connect your iPhone with your PC using USB cable.

3) Let’s wait until iTunes find your device.

4) Once your device found, an onscreen notification come up in iTunes with further instructions.

5) Take require actions and you will be done with the iPhone activation process.

Now, you can set up and use your iPhone without SIM like an iPad or iPod through wifi connection.

2) How to Use Emergency Call Feature to Activate iPhone without SIM?

Emergency Call Feature to Activate iPhone without SIM

Have you ever thought about using an emergency call feature to activate iPhone?

I think no, at least I don’t.

But it actually worked for many users around the world.

However, dialing an emergency call just to activate your iPhone is an inadequate use of  emergency services.

Even MacWorld has also stated that this method doesn’t work for them and they also don’t recommend to exploit emergency feature.

However, if above method don’t work for you then only you can give a try to this method to activate iPhone without SIM card.

Below are the steps you need to follow –

1) Turn on the iPhone and when it shows No SIM Card Installed message, press home button.

2) Now, you will see an emergency call option.

3) Dial any emergency call (112 or 999) and cut the phone as it dials.

4) After cancelling the call, try to open your iPhone.

It should be activated now.

Now, you can do further settings and use iPhone without inserting SIM.

3) Jailbreak your iPhone

iPhone Unlocked

Exploiting iPhone’s software by jailbreaking can end your iPhone’s warranty and thus you should not use this method for new iPhone.

In case you’re trying to unlock or activate old iPhone, then Jailbreak would be the right but last option you can give a try.

Activating iPhone without a SIM by jailbreaking iPhone’s software would be a tedious but effective way you can rely on when thing work for you.

In case, if you don’t know how to jailbreak iPhone then go through this guide. It will show you the right way to jailbreak iPhone running on different iOS versions.

To conclude, we would recommend trying a strategy that wouldn’t impact the functioning of the iPhone.

Jailbreaking the communication device should be the last option because it might ultimately lead you into serious trouble. Disruption of services, instability, and inability to install updates are some of the things you might encounter later on.

Hope this ultimate guide on how to activate iPhone without SIM helped you to use your extra iPhone for your child or for some other purposes without requiring SIM card.

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