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How to Activate iPhone Without Sim Card [Perfect Solution]


Activating an iPhone can be a tedious task. At times, it can be even more frustrating than you can ever imagine. This scenario might occur when you there’s neither a SIM card nor a Wi-Fi connectivity. But, there’s nothing to feel disappointed. Various ways can actually make it a whole lot easier with the task you are struggling with. The tips compiled below would be useful for every version, right from the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 7 to 7 Plus.

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How to Activate iPhone without SIM Card – 3 Ways

Use iTunes

iTunes to Activate iPhone

If you don’t have a computer within your reach, then it’s highly recommended to activate an iPhone through iTunes. You would be smart enough to activate your iPhone without SIM. Post installation, simply connect the iPhone to the system.

Once the connection is established, an onscreen prompt would soon pop up. It would ask you to fill in the relevant details for activating the mobile device.

In case a message ‘No SIM Card error’ gets displayed, then you must check for the condition of the SIM card. Alternatively, you can think about the card getting locked due to some reasons.

You should visit the official site of Apple to know more about how the job is done.

Use the Emergency Call Feature

Emergency Call Feature to Activate iPhone without SIM

If you are unable to get things done through iTunes, then a different strategy which involves the emergency call feature should be thought about. You would actually find a better answer for the question ‘how to activate iPhone without SIM?’.

While many experts say that this doesn’t work any longer, you might call it to be a viable option. In fact, an obsolete way can work wonders and drive away the frustration.

Do make a note that merely calling an emergency number for activation is not the prime purpose. It is considered to inessential and a waste of public resources. But, we have a trick just for you where you don’t have to go about calling an emergency number. Here’s the procedure

  • Step 1: Wake up the iPhone by pressing the Home Button. Take care that you haven’t stored any fingerprints in your touch ID. Else, there would be problem to direct you to the password entry screen.
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Emergency’ to dial 999 or 112. This is your first step towards making a call.
  • Step 3: Without any delay, press the power button. Don’t think about what the consequences are going to be. There’s no risk in following this step.
  • Step 4: Tap ‘Cancel’ for interrupting the call. You would find the option once the pop-up window gets displayed.

Finally, you would be happy to see your iPhone getting activated.

Jailbreak the Device

iPhone Unlocked

At the end, if every kind of strategy fails, then you should be ready to jailbreak the communication device. It’s actually a big risk when you go about jailbreaking the iPhone. You would be bypassing the locks and gaining access to the palette of apps which you are not authorized to use.

Here’s are the steps you should follow for an iPhone running on iOS 10.2

  • Step 1: Download ‘Yalu Jailbreak IPA’ as well as the appropriate version of Cydia Impactor.
  • Step 2: After unzipping Cydia Impactor file, connect the iPhone to Macintosh operating system with the help of a Lightning cable.
  • Step 3: Later, drag and drop yalu102_alpha.ipa into Cydia Impactor and click ‘Start’ followed by the ‘OK’ button.
  • Step 4: Next, access the app with your login details. This facilitates for quick installation of Yalu app.
  • Step 5: Navigate to ‘Settings’ and go to ‘General > Profiles & Device Management’. Tap the profile named as the ID with which you have signed the Cydia Impactor app.
  • Step 6: Open the newly installed app and click on ‘Go’ to get started with the jailbreak.
  • Step 7: Wait till jailbreak payload gets into the device. You are advised not to disturb the iPhone. All of a sudden, the screen might look white. Once the jailbreak is completed, the system reboots.
  • Step 8: Once the system restarts, you would be able to open Cydia app and install numerous jailbreak applications.

To conclude, we would recommend trying a strategy that wouldn’t impact the functioning of the iPhone. Jailbreaking the communication device should be the last option because it might ultimately lead you into serious trouble. Disruption of services, instability, and inability to install updates are some of the things you might encounter later on.

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