9 Effective Ways to Improve Battery Life In iOS11

9 Effective Ways to Improve Battery Life In Ios11

While a smartphone running on iOS 11 promises you to explore a host of new features and empowers the experience with the latest security settings, you should always try to improve the battery life. So, as you would be happy to stay away, we have compiled some tips that would never let the battery drain down in a short time span.

Proven Ways to Improve Battery Life In iOS11

Identify The Apps Affecting Battery Life

Once you have installed a range of apps on the smartphone, you won’t know how the battery is getting used. So, in order to check out the apps, you should go to settings and select the ‘Battery’ option. Next, you need to scroll down till you find the ‘Battery usage’ option. Once you have clicked the option, you would see a list of apps along with the space they have occupied. In case you are struggling with the storage space, then this tool would be useful and would help you decide the apps you need to uninstall.

Stop Apps From Refreshing

By default, once you start using the iPhone, Apple’s Background App Refresh feature is always enabled. Even if you minimize the app or toggle to some other app, the closed apps tend to run in the background. You can imagine these as multiple threads when you are working on a computer. But, according to the development team of Apple, once the feature is disabled you are very much sure to preserve battery life. So, in order to accomplish the task, go to ‘Settings >> General >> Background App Refresh’ and tap ‘Off’. Besides, you can select the apps one by one in case you don’t want them to sleep temporarily.

Adjust Screen Brightness

It’s quite obvious that when you lower down the screen brightness, you would be in a better position to save on battery life. But, on the contrary, turning up things to maximum might be beneficial. Since the Auto Brightness feature is enabled, the brightness of the touchscreen would be adjusted on the location. In case you have to turn it off, then go to ‘Settings >> General‘  followed by the option, ‘Accessibility’.  Moving ahead, you can select the ‘Display Accommodations’ and easily trace ‘Auto-Brightness’. Alternatively, you can swipe the screen, open the control center and adjust the things accordingly as well.
Adjust Screen Brightness

Low Power Mode

When the battery has 20% charge, a notification saying ‘Low Power Mode’ would pop up on the screen. As you go about turning the option on, the rate at which the iPhone scans emails, or downloads is adjusted. With the Power Mode ‘on’, the battery icon would soon appear yellow in color.
Low Power Mode