8 Best Free Offline Games For Android Users

Best Free Offline Games for Android

If you’re searching for free offline games for Android that run without a Wi-Fi connection, then you should surely scroll down. You would surely be pampering yourself and building on the excitement when you have found a way to spend spare time.

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Eight Best Offline Android Games You Can Play Without Wifi


2048 is certainly not new among youngsters. But, since it is easier to play, the puzzle game grabs the topmost position among offline games for Android. Once you start playing, you would never know when you would get addicted. The game involves matching squares with the same number. You can either move them vertically, horizontally, towards the left direction or to the right. As the number match, they get multiplied. Later, you’re done once you are able to attain ‘2048’.

Smash Hit

Known as a runner game, Smash Hit would surely amaze with the three-dimensional graphics. At the first glance, the game seems simple but once you start off you would be geared up for a new challenge. Smashing the glass with a small ball is all that you need to do. With a colorful backdrop and animation, you would leave everything aside and be immersed in playing the game.


If you want to enhance concentration, then Stack is one of the best offline Android games. As the name suggests, you simply need to stack cubes one above the other. The cube gets cut off just in case the contour doesn’t match. But, after 10 perfect alignments, the cube becomes larger in size. Finally, the game come to an end when you fail to pile up the chipped off cube. Once you cross certain levels, the game moves on with piling up thin sheets.

Alto’s Adventure

With high-quality visuals, Alto’s Adventure is one of the best free android games. As a player, if you want the ride to be interesting, then you can opt from weather effects that change the backdrop drastically. The excitement actually begins when you have to encounter challenges to make your way through. Remember you lose a life once the snowboarder topples off.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Unlike its predecessor, Hill Climbing Racing 2 makes the game playing experience enjoyable with numerous hilly arcades. When you’re moving uphill, you can always control the car so that you don’t lose balance. With crazy customizations, you can change the outfit of the driver and the vehicle he should drive.

Infinity Loop

If you wish to relax with something simple within best Android offline games, then enjoy Infinity Loop. The game involves creating a shape with several curved shapes. Well, that’s not all, you have to also break a shape into various parts. As you proceed level after level, the game becomes complicated but a trick helps you come up with an answer. While game occupies 4.05 MB memory, you can easily download the game from the play store.

Brain It On!

Brain It On is sure to enhance your mental ability once you keep playing hours on end. With logic, you have to make your way through several tasks. Building structures with your finger is all that you need to do. As you clear different levels, the game becomes tough and it tests your skills and creativity.

Hope these free offline games for android would while away your time. As include these among your favorites, do let us know if you have come across anything different.

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