7 Best Websites To Download Free eBooks

Websites to Download Free eBooks

If you’re a bookworm and you can’t spare time for anything else, then you should scroll ahead. Here are top websites to download free ebooks.

Worth to Visit Below Seven Websites to Download Free eBooks


If you’re searching a business related novel or an educational book, then you should stop by With a database of more than 1000 e-books, you can fetch any title you have on mind. Besides, you would love this site because it’s easier to navigate because the books are classified under a vast range of categories. Moreover, you don’t have to create an account for downloading the E-books. You can update yourself with uploads once you follow the social media page.

With a well organized website like Manybooks, you are sure to find something interesting from the huge collection. You can browse through more than 29,000 E-books for Kindle, iPad or a reading app. In case you can’t make up your mind, then it’s better to go through the ‘Recommended’ and ‘Popular’ section. You can also gather titles through the articles section which managed on a regular basis.

Open Library

With a collection of more than 1 million free e-books, the website is an open project undertaken by Internet Archive. Refining a search is never too tough because you can search by author, subject and title. Besides, registered users can also augment the library through book uploads. At any point of time, you can find the title through the advanced search option.


Since you can find any book you want, Bookyards is nicknamed as ‘The Library of the World’. To make it easier for searching different titles, you can either browse through 35 categories or the name of the author. With the ‘Convert to Kobo’ button, you can always convert pdf books into any other format. Just in case you can’t find the book, you can use Google custom search.


Whatever might the genre; mystery, romance or drama, offers a vast collection beyond your imagination. While you select the book, you can always think twice after going through the reviews and the ratings. The ‘Best Books’ tab provides you with the list if you are completely blank and don’t know what to grab. Not just that, you can either search the book by its title or author through the search box on the site.

Project Gutenberg

Once you launch the site of Project Gutenberg, you get a chance to discover 54,000 free E-books. You can either read these online or download and read them on your tablet or Kindle. While you don’t need to register with the site, you can possibly donate an amount which can be used for enhancing the online presence.

Internet Archive

Known to be a non-profit library, Internet Archive lets you skim through millions of free books in addition to soundtracks, movies and more. As soon as you launch the website, you can search the title by entering it in the search bar. Moreover, you can fetch better search results with top collections at the Archive.

Hope this article has helped in a better way. Do feel free to share your experiences when you’re searching for a free eBook online.

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