7 Best Teamviewer Alternatives You Should Try

Teamviewer Alternatives

While Teamviewer has been the most reliable option for remote access, you have to always think about alternatives. The tool is a bit complex when you are carrying out the responsibility for the first time. Setting up can also not be an easy cup of tea for average users. So, if you need to use the tool for business purpose, then scroll down to catch a glimpse of best teamviewer alternatives.

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List of Best Teamviewer Alternatives

Real VNC

Developed on the basis of VNC technology, Real VNC is a Teamviewer alternative that works on Windows as well as open source platforms like UNIX and Linux. As compared to any other application, Real VNC offers a host of features like encryption and the chat option to ensure that the connection has established. This is what makes it reliable even when it’s tough to start off. The utility not only helps you to connect to a single computer but also multiple systems bearing a public IP address.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

When you use Windows Remote Desktop Connection, you wouldn’t have to install third party applications. The tool can be your choice if it’s the first time for remote connection. While the tool is easier to use, it is also simple to use while you need to configure systems. But, the downside is that the tool restricts you from availing access to multiple systems.

Designed by the team of LogMeIn, permits ventures to conduct remote meetings with clients across different regions of the world. Once the paid version is procured, business owners can collaborate with a maximum of 250 participants. You can also enhance the communication through the instant screen sharing tool. Not just that, the presenter swap aids individuals to interact with attendees. Meetings can be scheduled in one click, and situations can be recorded easily. The tool works fine with Windows and Mac OS X and is free for basic VoIP. It is best alternative to Teamviewer worth to try.


If you are seeking a practical solution, then you can try out Splashtop, one among Teamviewer alternatives. The tool works smoothly on Windows and Mac OS X while the services are delivered through apps for Android cell phones and iPhone users. Surely, the experience is off the edge when Splashtop permits you to stream audio / video content. When you’re ready, you can always avail remote access with a secure cross platform support.


With AnyDesk, you no longer need to struggle with remote connections. The tool is much ahead in the market owning to DeskRT, the codec meant for the user interface. Lower latency helps for effective communication once the remote PC has to respond to the action. You can also perceive smooth on-screen movements since the tool delivers a transmission speed of 60 frames per second. No matter how far you are, communication would never pose to be a problem.

Ultra VNC

Based on the Virtual Network connection, Ultra VNC offers quick connectivity and is specifically designed for the Windows Operating System. Apart from the benefit of remote access, the tool facilitates file sharing instantaneously. Once downloaded, the set up process is just a matter of minutes. Moreover, the application can be used without paying a single penny.


For systems operating on Linux, X2Go is the ideal remote desktop software that’s based on NX technology. Once you complete the setup, you can either access another Linux system or Windows from a distant place. Nothing would be lost during the remote session because of the Secure Shell. Since it plays the role for Linux, there’s no option other than installing the server package on Linux. However, the client side can easily be setup on Mac OS X or Windows.


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