7 Best Fun Games You Can Play Without Wifi Connection

Fun Games Without Wifi

Playing games on a Wi-Fi hotspot is most common. But, when you are facing a poor reception, you can think about the list that’s compiled below.

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List Seven of Fun Games to Play Without Wifi

Angry Birds 2

Just like the earlier version, Angry Birds 2 aims at killing pigs through slingshots. But, such fun games without Wi-Fi use a different kind of strategy. You can shoot with a group of birds in any order you prefer. You can also win over the opponents by leveling up the score and using the ‘Destruct-O-Meter’. Soon as you cross each level, you would avail special cards to target the pigs in a better fashion. You actually don’t need an internet connection, but once you’re with the game you can rely on the offline mode.


With Badland, the game play involves Clony, a small black creature that files all over the screen. Just a single gesture, would help you control the animated character and make your way through rotating gears, and destructive things. When the game continues, you can boost navigation by changing the size of the character. Moreover, you can also enhance the speed and experience more from Badland.

Crossy Road

The basic objective of Crossy Road is that you have to control the chicken while it’s crossing the road. By using finger taps, you need to control the movements on road bustling with different sorts of automobiles. While you feel the style, you would always be amazed by the three-dimensional visuals. As you make the way, the game becomes difficult to play. Level after level, you also avail the option of unlocking add-ons and characters differing in their outlook.


Featuring a beautiful backdrop, Duet is one of the fun games to play without Wi-Fi. You simply need to pass obstacles as you control dots, set in red and blue. In case you collide with the barrier, the dot bursts and creates a design with a mix of blue, red, white and black. Initially, you have to handle two dots, but as the level increases, three dots move along the circumference. You experience would be equivalent to gulping down an energy drink.

Doodle Jump

You are sure to play Doodle Jump hours after hours simply because the goals are easier to accomplish. You simply control the character and jump to achieve heights. On the way, you have to be careful to skip black holes, monsters, and blasting baddies. But, you would enjoy the scene when Doodle shoots off like a rocket with jet packs.

Pixel Dungeon

As the name suggests, Pixel Dungeon involves leading the character along a path. While it traverses the dungeon, the character has to trick or battle with monsters and creatures. With an interface that detects taps, you can’t afford to be careless with such a game. Every move matters or else you would be losing a life. Pixel Dungeon lets you explore more through twenty five levels. You can always pick weapons, boosters, and treasure to kill enemies all throughout the levels.

Pocket Mortys

Pocket Mortys is a game as similar to Pokemon but delivers a much better experience when compared to Game Freak and Nintendo. Inspired by the Adult Swim cartoon, the game requires building a team to challenge the rivals. With commands and different levels, you are sure to prove that you’re simply the best trainer.

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