7 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives for Creative Minds

Free Photoshop Alternatives

It’s may seem hassle-free, but that’s not the case when you edit images with Photoshop. You must look for Photoshop alternatives which use little editing tools along with plugins for the right feature. Don’t know which are the best ones? Then, you should take a look at below list of best free alternative to Photoshop.

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Seven Photoshop Alternatives Available for Free Online


Popularly known as the GNU Image Manipulation Program, GIMP could be thought as one of the best Photoshop alternatives free tools. Nothing beats this tool due to a host of features along with transformations, color adjustments, advanced filters, and layers. You can also incorporate creativity through a set of animation tools.

That’s not all, the software offers pre-installed plugins with some just like Photoshop tools. While the application can be loaded on Windows, Mac OS X and Unix, it supports editing of images with extensions like BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and more.

Photo Pos Pro (

You would certainly be treating yourself once Photo Pos Pro is installed on your system. The free Photoshop alternative offers options not only for professionals but also for beginners.

Apart from adjusting shades, the application offers layers and ways to refine color saturation. To save time on tasks, the tool enables you to edit images in a batch. For future purpose, you can create and thereby save filters of your choice. Image transfer too is never a problem because you can import files from your camera.

If you’re seeking an open source alternative, then is the best option. Just the ones mentioned above, the tool helps for fine adjustments and offers several automatic filters. With the help of the clone stamp, you can always get rid of flaws and enhance the beauty of images.

The quick-access tabs allow you to work with multiple photos at the same instance. Since the tool processes commands quickly, it’s suitable when you need to edit a batch of photographs.

Pixlr Editor (

Pixlr is nothing but a browser-based alternative that’s much better than desktop applications. Despite the drawback of limited work space, you can always think about sharpening and enhancing the quality of an image.

Moreover, you can get creative with the artistic filters and use many customization options. You are assured with a different experience because the web app is a creation of AutoDesk, a brand that’s been famous in developing CAD and 3D modeling software.

PicMonkey (

PicMonkey is another editing tool that helps you perform the task right from the browser. Besides the Instagram-like image filters, PicMonkey enables the user to remove wrinkles, and blemishes that might otherwise spoil the image. With sticky overlays, you can avail the liberty to make the image appear funny.

Among functionalities, you can also beautify the image with effects and fancy phrases. Images with BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF, and JPEG extensions are usually supported by PicMonkey.


Based on the Cocoa framework, Seashore is apt for computers running on Mac OS X. To be frank, the tool is as similar as GIMP built for Windows. Once the app is launched, you can enjoy using features like layers, gradients and brush strokes.  The simple-to-use interface supports editing of files created in JPEG, TIFF, PNG and XCF formats.

It also supports plugins and is capable enough for adding different levels of transparency owning to Alpha Channel support.

Krita (

When you are set with Kirta, you would always have reasons to prefer using the tool. With the KOffice suite, you can fulfil the editing needs on open-source platforms like Unix and Linux. But, even if the tool is nowhere at par with Photoshop, you can achieve the style with formats compatible with Windows OS.

Do let us know if we have missed out any other Photoshop alternatives. We would be delighted to hear from your end.

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