7 Best Android File Manager Tools You Should Try

Android File Manager Tools

If you’re a android user and facing difficulties in locating files from a varied collection, then you should opt for a file manager. To help you out, here’s a list of best android file manager tools you should surely go through. You can perform the usual operations and always give a compliment for staying organized.

Seven Best Android File Manager Tools

Smart File Manager

While you manage files and folders with the Smart File Manager, you can listen to audio / video content through the in-built image viewer and the video player. With some options, you can also search the files once you have organized the phone in your style. Over the FTP server, you can also manage the folders stored on the mobile device right from the personal computer. Since the access tiles offer storage details, you can be wise to shuffle the order for effective management.

ES File Explorer

Just like other apps, ES File Explorer comes with built-in modes to view files. Apart from Dropbox, the tool supports remote file access through Google Drive, Sugarsync, Yandex and similar cloud platforms. Once connected via. Bluetooth, files can easily be transferred between devices. You can also edit files on the device when you’re working with your computer. The Task Manager aids to delete junk files for freeing up the internal storage space.

Moto File Manager

The Moto File Manager is the best Android file manager which manages files efficiently. As you select the files from the pane, you can perform the usual operations like copy, paste, rename, compress, delete, etc.. A single click enables you to transfer images, videos and other files from the memory to the SD card. Once categorized according to the content, you don’t have to spend much time in searching the file. Furthermore, you can go through the files from a remote location.

File Commander

Developed by Mobi Systems, File Commander enables you to deal with any file through an intuitive interface. Just a few taps are sufficient for converting, sending, compressing the files. With the help of the File Converter feature, it’s always a cakewalk to convert a file into any of the 1200 formats. Under the secure mode, you can also hide and encrypt files just to protect them from other users. Not just that, you can sort files by locations. It could either be over the cloud storage area, network addresses on locally.

Super File Manager

Super File Manager 2.0 offers a set of functionalities with a user-friendly interface. Not only could you manage files but also transfer files with the tool. Whether it’s a video, soundtrack, image or an app transfers happen at a super fast speed. You can also free up the storage space through the option of deleting junk files. Within seconds, you can find the file effortlessly through the optimized search engine.

Tetra Filer

When it comes to file management, Tetra Filer performs the task in a better way. You can either opt from a compact, detailed or gallery view from the Android file manager. Besides, you can bookmark folders which you use quite often. Though stylish, Tetra Filer concentrates on internal storage operations and not over cloud. With the file manager, you can effectively search files via. Wildcards and compress them to save memory.

File Expert

The File Expert file manager comes packed with many advanced features which you may not observe with conventional tools. Auto file synchronization between cloud and the communication device is one of its exclusive features. If you are using a rooted cell phone, then the app simplifies the task of modifying system files and changing file permissions. You can tag files so that you can track them easily later. You can go through the files displayed either in the classical tree hierarchy or by categories or last modified date.

Do let us know your experience with the tools mentioned above. If you come across any other tool, then feel free to share it with us.


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