7 Best 3ds Emulator for Android Smartphone

3ds Emulator for Android

With the popularity of Nintendo DS, you can always play games on the Android smartphone. You no longer need to worry even when the Nintendo DS emulator platform doesn’t play the role. You can go through a handful of android 3ds emulator that would help you play the game as you always desired.

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List of Seven 3ds Emulator for Android

Ultimate x3DSx Gold

If you’re searching for a 3ds Android emulator loaded with features, then you should select Ultimate x3DSx Gold. You can actually control the emulator with the help of USB controllers, keyboards, or trackballs. You enjoy a decent speed even when you’re using Nvidia Shield. When the game is running in full swing, you can instantly enable or disable cheat codes. These could either be GameShark, CodeBreaker or ActionReplay. Best of all, you can control the speed when you think it’s tough to clear the level.


Recognized as a Nintendo DS emulator, AseDS takes the gaming experience to a whole new level. Apart from some features, you can customize buttons through layouts and enhance the performance to play the game smoothly. While the tool can be downloaded easily from the play store, you would not have to purchase anything for the app. While making for the enjoyment, you may get annoyed with ads.


Though the app is its nascent state, nds4droid is a free 3DS emulator that allows you save states along with sound. Apart from the usual consoles, the tool also supports OUYA game consoles. With different ‘frame skip’ options, you can rule out the trouble faced due to performance. The emulator is an open source app and adheres to GPL.

Free DS Emulator

The free DS emulator lets the user enjoy the Nintendo game at highest speeds. Apart from control buttons, the app offers the flexibility of editing the game screen. Additionally, you avail a set of features once you start discovering the tool. As usual, the emulator plays the role of saving games and loading them when you switch on the device.

Pretendo NDS Emulator

Unlike other emulators, Pretendo NDS Emulator enables users to project a dual touchscreen interface. You also can enjoy the game from wireless controllers and a microphone. While the game is on, you make a choice between landscape and portrait orientation mode. Performance is never a concern owning to automatic frame skipping feature. Besides, visuals can be enhanced for quality with flicker reduction.

NDS Boy!

Yet another Android 3ds emulator is NDS Boy. The app offers support for many NDS files and popularly used high-end devices. Way beyond, it also enables the user to customize controls and save as well as load states. The app is the best option especially for those who have spent more on a feature rich smartphone.

DraStic DS Emulator

Certainly, when you would be hooked on when you start using DraStic DS emulator. Just as you would observe on a small screen, the tool enhances graphics four times the original resolution. Thousands of cheat codes are available to alter the gaming experience. With the fast-forward feature, you can also increase the speed. Apart from everything else, DraStic DS Emulator allows you to synchronize saved games with Google Drive.

These are the best 3ds emulator for android we have found. If you this information useful, then share it with your friends on social media.


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