6 Steps To Install Cinema Box on iOS [No Jailbreak Require]

Install Cinema Box on iOS

The movie streaming marketing is getting very interesting recently. There are quickly recognizable brands like Hulu and Netflix who has strict processes of negotiating deals with content lenders and providing their services for only monthly subscription. Then there are services like Cinemabox – also called as Playbox HD who undergo all of the legalities and pleasantries to just provide an unlimited movie streaming experience on all smartphones.

After its launch as Playbox HD offering high quality TV shows and movies across various genres and categories, the service is not re launched its platform for smartphones like iOS and Android as Cinema box.

Cinemabox is completely a full feature movie streaming service that provides the type of functionality and features that you would expect from a well known premium platform like Netflix. Users will get a wide range of TV shows and movies across different genres and categories. You will also get regular updates on new sources of HD media content.

This app has also got kids’ mode that makes the whole experience safe and easy for kids who must never be accessing sensitive content of any nature.

Also to the above, it also includes support for seamless movie download for offline playback when there is no internet connection or network coverage. After all, if you have very low cellular data plans and don’t want to burn your pocket, then Cinemabox is a great choice.

 How To Install Cinema Box On ios

    1. You will have to sign out from the app store first. Go to Settings > App store> Apple ID> Sign out.
    2. Download the app from here
    3. Hit install button
    4. Now open the app “Cinema Box”
    5. Click “Cancel”
    6. Now sign in to the account using : / Playbox77

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