6 Free Games You Can Play Without WiFi Connection

Free Games Without Wifi

When you want to keep you mind busy with some exciting, then you can think about and play below free games without wifi connection. You can actually enjoy them from any nook or corner. These can be played without an internet connection.

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Six Free Games You Can Play Without WiFi

Word Search

If you’re thinking what Word Search is all about, then you should recall word games you used to play. The game is simple and the objective is to search for words among the mesh of letters. Once the program offers you a set, you have to trace each word diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. After the search, you have to glide your finger tip so that the word gets highlighted.

4 Pics 1 Word

If there’s no way out from Dumb Charades, then you can try 4 Pics 1 Word. This is nothing but one of the best games you can play without Wi-Fi. With the help of four images projected on the screen, you have to decipher the word. In the empty cells, you then have to arrange alphabets after picking them from the palette. Once you have guessed the word successfully, three coins get credited to your account. In case you think it’s tough to solve, you can either share it with your mates or seek help / hints.

Jetpack Joyride

Once you get immersed into Jetpack Joyride, you have direct Barry as he slips on the jetpack and starts off with the adventure. As for the game play, you would always be excited to observe something happening on the screen. It could either be shooting or relentless changes in the backdrop or landscapes. You actually derive an awesome feeling when the game moves ahead with special effects. But, if you really want to experience more, then you must play Jetpack Joyride on your tablet.

Monster Dash

Imagine of an action-packed adventure when you start off with Monster Dash. You simply need to pace ahead with each level and jump over enemies and kill monsters. To your surprise, you can always gear up the animated character with the right ammunition. You can select from pistols, machine guns or any other weapon to shoot intruders. On the play store, Monster Dash is available along with in-app purchases.


Townsmen is for those who love to recall history and play games without Wi-Fi. Well, the goal is to work on with the economic strategy to transform the settlement into a well developed town. You can either start from square one or continue with a particular scenario. Besides graphics and animated images, you would always love Townsmen for a backdrop where trees keep swaying and animals keep moving across the location. A musical composition runs in a background as you play the game.

Unblock Me

Unblock Me is for those who are a fan of classic puzzles. Surely, this game would appeal you just because you need to use your intellect. You would be involved in setting the red block free from the maze of brown blocks. As the level increases, the game becomes much tougher than the earlier stages. While you play a level, you have to complete it in one and a half minutes. Unblock Me offers you a way for relaxing and of course food to think deep.

Hope you guys enjoy this list of free games you can play without wifi connection.

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