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5 Social Media Websites To Grow Your Business Presence Online


When it comes to online marketing, social networking sites are considered to be powerful platforms. These not only help to target the right audience but also aid to promote services without investing time. However, you might not be productive when you need to allocate time for all networking sites. So, before you build your online presence, go through social media websites which we have collated below.

Five Major Social Media Websites to Grow your Business Online


facebookFacebook hits the topmost position due to its versatility. You can use it post all types of online content, videos, events and advertisements. While you stay active for a longer time, you can notify your followers with deals, exciting news and online contests. Besides, your professionals can concentrate on marketing campaigns that target a particular audience. Since the platform adapts to any mobile device, you can reach out as many users you wish. Post creating a brand page, you can plan out posting strategy which is best for the target market.


twitterSecond on the list is Twitter characterized by 140 character tweet limit. Though the site offers visual content options, text-based posts drive the entire game. You can also include links to landing pages of your website. The platform is perfect for grabbing the attention of a broad audience. In real time, it’s an ‘on the go’ network that has users staying active through their mobile devices. So, to get started you should have the knack of writing short messages. You should be aware of the conventions – direct messages, mentions, retweets and hashtags. Moreover, you should be able to enhance business’ visibility by reposting tweets smartly.


linkedinWhen you need to connect with CEOs or potential partners, then you can tag LinkedIn as a hub for professional networking. While retailers and leisure business owners might have a tough time, business owners, IT companies, consultants and public management experts can reap the benefits with an ongoing activity. Since long, the website is still growing in its popularity. This is because less time is used in going through a LinkedIn account. But, if you have planned out something different, then you should know whether you are posting as a freelancer or a businessman who intends to market services.


instagramSimilar to a ‘generation app’, Instagram is a mobile-based network for enabling users to share snaps along with contact details. With image filters, the platform spices up your daily routine and draws attention through creative yet original images. Instagram is apt for fashion houses simply because 90% users comprise of individuals under 35. Before starting off, you should get know more about popular hashtags and diverse interests. You should develop the tact of attracting new followers regardless of the business type.

Google Plus

google-plusThough it may not be widely used, Google Plus is a platform that can never be underestimated. You can reach to diverse customers since the user base mainly constitute students, IT professionals, photographers and bloggers. Due to strong communities, you can hunt down the relevant ones and be clever enough to enhance interactivity. While you offer values, business would only sell once you become an active participant.

Written by Hardip Koradia

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