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5 Smart Ways On How To Bypass Blocked Sites


Restrictions imposed on some websites might annoy you. In fact, the surprise is sure to stir up due to bans on trivial matters. Web browsers might find it disappointing when they are unable to gain the objectives of surfing the internet. So, if you are bothered about how to bypass blocked sites, then you should go through the ways listed below. Finally, you would be smart in navigating the sites.

How to Bypass Blocked Sites – Five Ways

1. Switch to Proxy Websites

Proxy Server

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Most of the times, an employee has to abide by the policies of a professional environment. Even though it’s a need to access a particular website, he or she might not be allowed to do so.

In such cases, proxy websites come into the picture. The proxy website enables you to act as an anonymous user and keeps your identity unknown from ISPs.

Simply search a suitable website through commonly used search engines like Google. You are then a few clicks away to deceive sniffers present online round the clock.

In case you don’t have the access to social networking sites like Facebook then you could opt for ‘’ or ‘’ amongst the search engine results. Be selective in your keywords or else you might waste time rather than being at your best to bypass blocked websites.

2. Recast the Website Link

There are many situations in which a particular domain might not probably be secured by SSL. In such cases, ‘https://’ should be prefixed to the domain name. Instead of typing it as ‘www.<domain name>.com’ try ‘https://www.<domain name>.com’.

A security notice would later pop up on the screen. You can then muster confidence and click on the option, ‘Proceed Anyway’. It would direct you to the domain and you can spend as much time as you want for navigating the domain.

3. Try RSS Feed

Google Reader to Unblock Website

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Once you get an idea the site is blocked, track the RSS feed. This enables you to answer your question of ‘how to open blocked sites’. After all, you would be reading content that has been recently updated online.

In the absence of an RSS feed, you have to opt for certain online services. These work way beyond to create the feed. Later, you would be able to fetch every bit of information with ease. A smooth website experience is what you can expect.

4. Go for Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine for Blocked Websites

The API of the Wayback Machine is sure to help you search as well as capture collection of digital content. It’s nothing but an online archive that stores earlier versions of the website.

Best of all, you need not be technically sound to use the interface. Neither do you have to avail hosting facilities nor catch hold of a professional. Due to a repository of 286 million web pages, you are sure to make your way through on how get into blocked sites.

Additionally, you can also use it to scroll pieces of blocked information.

5. Use VPN

VPN for Blocked Websites

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A Virtual Proxy Network (VPN) allows you to establish a secure connection with your device. It keeps you miles away from the hands of sniffers once you are directed to another network online.

Cryptographic keys are used to initiate the connection between the client and the server’s side. Your IP address is hidden and the data gets converted into a language that’s tough for anyone to comprehend.

It is as similar to encrypted data when messages are exchanged on Whatsapp. For security your system, try a combination of TOR and VPN.

So, here are the effective ways of how to bypass blocked sites. Hope you prefer using them when it’s essential to use some sites within a certain environment.

Written by Hardip Koradia

Hardip Koradia is a pro tech blogger with years of experience in writing resourceful articles on different tech topics like mobile apps, PCs, gadgets, software, how to guides, etc. His passion for technology inspired him to start Techbylws, a growing tech blog.