5 Video Sites Dedicated To Funny Videos


If you want to multiply fun during boring hours, then you can enjoy more through the web. Still searching for domains? If so, then consider these video sites that are sure to entertain you. While others love to activities, you would never leave your computer once you start enjoying gruesome videos.

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List of Five Funny Video Sites

1. MetaCafe


Similar to other sites, Metacafe comes next in the list. The categories, ‘Highest Rated’, ‘Most Discussed’, ‘Most Recent’ and ‘Most Viewed’ would help you search videos within minutes. Once you click on the video, you would be directed to Flash in the browser window. While you can’t stop laughing, you would surely love to watch ‘Never Look At Woman’ ad several number of times. Entertainment goes beyond your limits through categories namely music, movies, sports, and video games.

Watch Funny Videos on MetaCafe

2. Smosh


At Funny Video Shack, you can explore videos that are popular among individuals. You can waste some more time by skimming through the collection listed under different sections. These include ‘top rated’, ‘favorites’, ‘most discussed’, ‘recently added videos’ and ‘popular’. Well, be it sports, or any other activity you would be laughing to your heart’s content. The site is a great way to spice up daily routines.

Watch Funny Videos on Smosh

3. College Humor

College Humor

If you want something new as each day passes by, then College Humor is just for you. On a daily basis, you can view fresh comedic content. These could be in the form of snaps, or jokes in addition to videos. These are the reasons why the site is recognized as ‘The Funniest Stuff On The Internet’. With 5 million views on College Humor YouTube Channel, the site hosts photo-contests time to time.

Watch Funny Videos on College Humor

4. Cracked Comedy


Why not prefer navigating this site when are finding the best source of fun? You simply need to enjoy through a potpourri. It could be anything from videos, photographs to any other content. You can enjoy long-running series like ‘Today’s Topic’ or ‘Cracked Responses’. Believe it or not, since 2005, the more than 300 million monthly page views speak more about popularity and its online presence.

Watch Funny Videos on Cracked

5. Break


Last but not the least, Break is yet another site which takes entertainment to new heights. You can either view content from the ‘Discover’ tab or the menu bar comprising of ‘Most Popular’, ‘User Submitted’, and ‘Funny Pictures’. Well, you can also upload digital content if you wish to share fun with everyone online.

Watch Funny Videos on Break

Hope we have helped you out to refresh your day. Feel free to share sources, if you are watching any other sites apart from the foregoing ones.

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