2017 MacBook pro is expected to be announced next week! Apple Hints to wait and buy!


The wait is over and it’s happening! Yes, 2017 MacBook Pro is expected to launch in next few weeks.

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Apple has updated its online store to specify that the 15 – inch MacBook pro orders are placed on May 29th and are now estimated for free delivery in a couple of weeks between June 8 in the US concurring with its WWDC (Word wide developers conference ) next week.

There is a plethora  of reports circulating the web saying that the developers conference will also launch other cool products including the safari speaker, 10.5 inch iPad pro and  not to forget the MacBook updates.  As usual, fans definitely can’t expect anything in prior of the WWDC 2017, which is said to be held on June 5th, but we do have a small string note regarding  MacBook Pro’s new refreshed look.

As of now, you cannot order for the new MacBook 2017 version which is expected to come with a 15 inch display and a touch bar. And it is said that Apple’s MacBook pro stock will be suspended, as for the new models to get it.  The thirteen inch model is still in stock, so as the case for the other models that Apple still sells. As MacRumors notes,  that Apple has confounded the release of 13 inch and 15 inch MacBook in the past at WWDC and there was gap for almost a year and a half between the current and old model’s launch. While we can never expect updates to show up that easily, Apple might well back to keeping stride with the new CPU Technology.

Both the MacBook and the MacBook air model  are still in stock. But keep your fingers crossed for the next update probably by June first week.

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