2 Easy Ways to Cast Cinema Box on Google Chromecast

cast cinema box on google chromecast

Cinemabox app is one of the top online movie streaming apps of the recent time. It has an extensive collection of features and one of the best feature is that It supports Google Chromecast. The application offers a wide range of genre of TV series and Movies for absolutely Zero cost. Users can watch their favorite movie and TV shows in their favorite language with subtitles. If you wish to change the language to your regional then that is also possible with the app.

Cinemabox application streams the content in HD quality, and well known for its high loading speed. A user can get their hands on the wide range of latest as well as old movies in this application.

The Cinembox application is also compatible with both iOS platforms as well as Android. With the use of an emulator, it also works well on PCs’. The Chromecast support of this application is a quite famous feature. Lets discuss how to cast Cinema box to Google Chromecast.

The Cinema Box App.

The app itself has got many interesting benefits and features which makes Its one of the top – rated entertainment applications. The content that it streams are absolutely free and it is mostly used by Android users to watch latest release online. The app also streams stuff for kids like animes and cartoons under its dedicated mode. If you wish to stream the app to the TV and watch new releases on a big screen, then that is also possible with the app. It is developed by Playbox app and its completely safe and free to use.

How to Cast Cinema Box on Google Chromecast?

  • You will have to play the video in Cinema Box
  • Now Click > Cast icon > Select Chromecast

Alternative methods

  • Play video in app
  • Click > Wifi option
  • Enter the URL to the Chrome browser
  • Click > Cast icon > Choose Chromecast

By following these simple methods you can easily cast the app to Chromecast.


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