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best wearable technologies

Wearable technology and fashion have always been popular for a couple of years. Earlier, wearables had conquered the market when many people started using smartphones and computers. But, in the modern era, companies have come up with different ways to introduce wearable technology in apparels and accessories.

So, as we perceive the future, here’s a glimpse of products which have brought technology and fashion together.

Best Wearable Technology Products That Will Add Extra Charm to your Fashion

Lumo Run

Lumo Run DeviceLumo Run is nothing but a pair of shorts which you could probably wear before visiting the gym or going for a jog in the morning.

As you wear the shorts, you need to clip a sensor aligned to the spine. Soon after you start off with the fitness drill, this sensor actually tracks numerous running metrics. Once the data is uploaded, you can accomplish your fitness goals through exercise recommendations.

With Lumo Run, the experience is simply amazing when you plug in your headphones and listen to everything that you need to do for staying healthy.


Ombra is a comfortable apparel that can be worn while the lady is jogging. As the lady strives to lead a healthy lifestyle, she would be able to monitor the cardiac and pulmonary condition.

Artificial intelligence algorithms help to capture biometric data that would surely aid to change the ways of staying fit. While the apparel is not that expensive, the machine can easily be washed.

Hexoskin Smart

Hexoskin Smart Shirt

Specifically designed for cyclists, Hexoskin smart is a biometric shirt that’s available for men, women, and children.

With more than 14 hours of battery life, the shirt can be connected through Bluetooth to an iPad, iPhone, and an Android smartphone.

The open data API helps you to fetch data once the breathing rate, heart rate, cadence, and steps are monitored. With the help of the online dashboard, you can actually optimize training and discover a precise way of enhancing physical strength.

Apart from E-textiles, individuals can also stay fashionable and embrace technology by wearing jewelry pieces and accessories. As the items feature sensors, the person can always track the activity, the location and monitoring health remotely.

Intel Curie Powered Bracelet

If you are wondering what Intel Curie powered bracelet could be, then it’s a computer on one chip.

As the bracelet works on the Intel software platform, the hardware module boasts sensors, Bluetooth low-energy radio, and capabilities related to pattern-matching and battery-charging.

Once you connect it to the communication device, the accessory functions just like a smartwatch.

Senstone Smart Pendant

If you are looking for a pendant that is driven by technology, then Senstone Smart pendant should be the most preferred choice. Once you wear it around your neck or the arm, you can always create reminders and jot down notes without pulling out your smartphone. You would always be in a better position to organize notes through keywords, and share them across many apps.


ringly-smart-ringRingly is a smart ring that tracks the activity and keeps you alert all the time. As you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the finger ring keeps the record of the steps and the number of calories you have burnt. To keep you energetic all day long, you can set meditation goals and go through the breathing exercises offered by an app.


EverpurseThe innovative design of the Everpurse is actually amazing and would never let you down. As technology is hidden behind the lining of the bag, the handbag charges different versions of iPhones. In order to recharge the internal battery, you need to slide the iPhone in the SmartPocket and never have to worry about a battery drain down. Since everything happens wirelessly you don’t have to search for chords even when you are busy on the go.

Mighty Purse

mighty-purseWith a trendy design made from genuine leather, Mighty purse can always help you recharge the smartphone through a hidden built-in 4000Ah battery. The LED indicator keeps you alert of how much power is packed inside the battery. You don’t have to bother about messy cables because the purse comes with a hidden USB cable. Besides, you can always charge iPhones and cell phones running on Android OS even when you are on a long trip.

Power Purse

Design by a student who was pursuing his Phd., the Power purse gives you a different feel when you want to show off style and how tech-savvy you are. With solar panels organized in a neat manner, the purse enables you to charge cell phones and Mp3 players.

Altra IQ

altra-iq-shoesAmong the most popular hi-tech shoes, Altra IQ promises you with an incredible experience as you step out for a stroll or run across the backyard.

As the sensors near the sole monitor different metrics, you can always get feedback on how you should maintain your health.

Cadence, stride length, and distance are some of the metrics that the shoes are able to track.


Based on advanced balanced technology, Walkasins is a unique solution for individuals with peripheral neuropathy. These are insoles that improve mobility and resolve problems associated with balance. As the foot pressure is measured, the insoles offer cues to control stability.

Retisense Stridalyzer

If you need to slip on something that simple, smart and sleek, then opt for Retisense Stridalyzers. You can run with your smartphone for improving the performance and getting personalized recommendations soon after you have finished running. Moreover, the embedded sensors measure the pressure and notify you about possible injuries on the way.

Digitsole Smartshoes

When it comes to describing Digitsole Smartshoes, then these offer many features. Depending on the climatic conditions, the shoes keep the feet warm or cold. Apart from tracking the activities, the hi-tech shoes give you an idea of the number of calories you have burnt. Such kind of shoes absorbs shocks even when they are tightened according to the size of the feet. This feature certainly helps if the person has problems around his or her joints.

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