13 Best GPS Trackers For Pets

GPS Trackers For Pets

When you know that your four-legged friend is quite small, you can think about a GPS tracker. Even if the gadget is heavy in weight, it might be uncomfortable for the pet to sustain its weight. So, when you are making a purchase for GPS trackers for pets, you should always consider something suitable for the pet.

To help you out, we have listed some GPS trackers for the kitten.

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Best GPS Trackers For Pets

1. Pawtrack

Designed specifically for cats, the PawTrack features a splash-proof design that closely resembles an ordinary cat collar. While the tracker is light and has an elastic for extra safety, you can set up alerts and check the battery life through the PawTrack web tool.

As you charge the device through a USB, the battery lasts for a time span of six days. But, whenever the cat is sleeping the battery drains down completely.

Besides, the GPS sensor stops functioning when you take the cat to a remote location.

2. Pod GPS Pet Tracker

If you observe such a kind of device, then it reminds you of a music player crafted by Apple.

Though it’s cylindrical in shape, the pet tracker is similar to a wine bottle cork or a film canister. As for the aesthetic features, the cylinder measures 5 cms in height and 2 cms in diameter.

Once you install an app on the smartphone, you can keep a track of the location and the activity.

For additional safety, you can also set up safe zones and alerts once the dog or cat cross the virtual fence. Interestingly, the Pod is compact and weighs as much as 29g.

3. Kippy the Pet Finder

Featuring a design weighing 50g, the Kippy is one of the best gadgets when you need to monitor the whereabouts of an adult cat.

You can simply observe everything through the smartphone because the collar-mounting device can be paired with Android, iOS and a web tool.

Apart from offering the location history, the tracker gives you the right directions when the pet is lost.

If the GPS signal is weak, then the location-based services help you trace the cat.

Moreover, the energy-saving feature switches the tracker off when the cat is resting or sleeping inside her habitat.

4. Tractive

Just like other devices, the Tractive is used when you wish to keep an eye on animals weighing 4.5 kg or more. Apart from the usual features, the Tractive app has a pet manager. This helps you to maintain a schedule and know the time when you have to feed or take care of the cat. It also helps when the pet is lost and when you are requested to elaborate more on her appearance. Under fully charged conditions, the battery can last up to five days, but, this would depend on the signal strength.

5. Trackr Bravo

Through the years, the TrackR Bravo has been popular as a multi-purpose tracker.

It not only helps to find the cat but also the keys and your laptop. Since it is as big as a coin, you can easily attach it around the cat’s neck.

In case the pet is lost, then you can connect with the tracker through an app. If you are not within the signal range, then you can send an alert to everyone who has been using TrackR Bravo. You would then be notified of the location information if someone succeeds in finding the animal.

6. Tabcat

Based on the RF technology, the Tabcat helps you to find the pet in a much better way. Since the cat never wanders away from the home, the RF signal works up to 122 meters.

With the help of Loc8tor, you can easily trace the pet once you have set up a Pavlovian response from your end. Later, the cat would recognize you only when it hears a beep from the transceiver.

As you purchase the tracker, you can avail the transceiver in addition to homing tags.

7. PawTrax

The lightweight and water-resistant PawTrax can not only be used to monitor cats but also find your acquaintances. Since the device is based on GPS, you need to purchase an app for iPhone and Android smartphones.

On the whole, PawTrax Halo is very much easy and simple to use. Once the lithium poly battery is charged, you can use the GPS tracker for 30 to 40 hours.

8. Pettracer GPS Cat Collar

The Pettracer GPS cat collar boasts a trendy design and offers maximum comfort once you wear it around the cat’s neck.

Since the gadget is water resistant, you needn’t worry about the functionality even when the pet is enjoying itself in a small pool.

Apart from analyzing the overall health, you can use the device to know more about your cat’s favorite locations.

9. Findster Pets

Such a kind of device uses GPS and an accelerometer to hunt the four-legged friend or your little ones. While you can set up virtual fences with smart notifications, Findster pets also serves as an activity tracker for pets. As you charge the gadget with a charger, the battery lasts up to 18 hours for every module.

10. Weenect Tracker

Created with an objective of monitoring kids, this GPS tracker is also used to know the whereabouts of aged people, dogs, and cats. As you start using the app on the Android smartphone or iPhone, you can locate the pet and send alters when the pet is not within the safe zone.

Through the talk back feature, can also communicate with the pet no matter what the location might be. As the cat recognizes your voice, it can immediately respond through the built-in microphone that’s present in the device.

11. Nuzzle

If you are searching for the best GPS-enabled tracker, then you must try out Nuzzle. The greatest feature of this device that it allows you to monitor the overall health along with the cat’s route and the time for which it has been active.

As you purchase the device, you get two rechargeable batteries and an app which lets you keep a close watch on more than one kitten at the same time. Apart from everything else, the gadget comes with a temperature monitor and an impact detection system.

12. Whistle

As the name suggests, Whistle offers you with various sounds to search for the pet.

As you download and install an app, the device helps to create geofencing, location alerts, and details of when you had taken the cat to the veterinary doctor.

Since Whistle weighs 37 grams, it is specifically been designed for small cats. A battery lasting up to 10 days could be one of the reasons for purchasing the gadget.

13. Pod 2

If you have never come across Pod 2, then it’s is nothing but a tracker that lets you send alerts, have a look at the activities of the pet, and record the whereabouts of the cat.

It’s worth buying Pod 2 because it offers incredible features and is water resistant. The device won’t get damaged even if the cat is swimming in a pool.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article. Comfort and material are some of the things you must always what you must look for when you are buying the GPS tracker. Check for the locking mechanism because the cat might tear off the collar in case it causes discomfort.

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