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10 Best Free Games For Android Users


Android games have soared high above the rest since they are released in the market. With the release of Vulkan API and Android Nougat, you can anticipate action packed games that are sure to elevate your experience. So, with this in mind, we have collated some free games for android users that you could enjoy this year.

Check Out These Ten Free Games for Android Users

1. Clash Royale
Clash Royale

One of the latest games of Supercell is Clash Royale. You have to collect cards, build a stack, and then settle the difference through one to one confrontations. Just as you would be earning points, you would also be winning trophies. But, you’ll get a chance to form clans and explore several ways to unlock new cards. It’s much better than any other card game. Clash Royale is certainly an alternative to think about when you’re unable to reach the hearthstone.

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2. Asphalt 8: Airborne
Asphalt 8 Airborne

When you think about racing games, then Asphalt Xtreme or Asphalt 8: Airborne is sure to conquer your heart. With multiple levels, you could be the best offstyle racer and an online multiplayer. You can also unlock vehicles and explore the difference to your heart’s content. While such a game gives you the best performance with the free price tag, the in-app purchase strategy is much different.

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3. Cut the Rope: Magic
Cut the Rope Magic

Just like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope has grabbed the topmost position among time wasting puzzle games. You have to use tactics and mechanics to solve different puzzles and help Om Nom eat maximum number of candies. Without in-app purchases, you would surely be completing levels through transformations and techniques. The backdrop all throughout the game would keep your interest glued.

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4. Critical Ops

If you are obsessed of becoming the next generation shooter, then you could feast your eyes on Critical Ops. In various urban-oriented levels, you can fight with terrorists or act as if you are the worst enemy. Well, you’re not just alone. You can play with your mates through the online community that gets updated frequently. Much more than this, you can also try NOVA 3: Freedom Edition. The game is worth checking out.

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5. NOVA Legacy
Nova Legacy

With better graphics and controls, NOVA Legacy is one of the Android games you should play. Apart from the crafting system, you avail an opportunity to explore online multiplayer mode and a story line running in the background. Enjoyment would multiply since you can do a whole lot of things as the sci-fi based story progresses. The game lets you experience more than any realistic shooters.

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6. Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

There are many reasons why Pokemon Go has been popular since 2016. Players can actually feel the excitement while catching Pokemon, going through fitness drills, and searching Pokestops. Time to time, new features have been added with an objective of improving the game play. Despite the problem faced with GPS spoofers, only some portions have suffered. Hopefully, by end of this year the game would among favorites for Android users.

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7. Plague Inc.
Plague Inc

Plague Inc. serves to be a different strategy game where diseases could be mutated to destroy the world. Since its release, the realistic game soon became famous and received applauds at the CDC. Since it features the save and load game functionality, you can play it as many times you wish to. The challenge rests in mending the way through diseases having distinct outbreak strategies.

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8. PinOut / Smash Hit

Smash Hit seems fantastic to play when you need perceive throwing metal balls on glass panels. However, PinOut is a ball game which helps you play around through different obstacles and levels. Both can be upgraded through a pro version so that you can unlock checkpoints and continue ahead. Well, there would be no interruptions because nothing would intrude during the game play.

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9. Sky Force Reloaded
Sky Force Reloaded

As the name suggests, Sky Force is a battle game where you fly planes, perform quests and defeat your opponents. It’s something marvelous than other top-down shooters. While the game follows standard rules, a good experience could be perceived through improved graphics.

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10. Yodo1 Games
Yodo Games

Just like Mario, Yodo1 Games have an infinite runner who overcomes obstacles and continues pacing forward. The game play is packed with mechanics and is projected with eye pleasing graphics. It’s one of the family games that keep little ones engaged for a longer period of time.

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In case if we have missed any of the free Android games, then please let us know through our comments.

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